you ever felt stuck, and in a state of loneliness whenever you turned to someone for help or for assistance, and they never helped you, don’t worry about it. Sometimes in life we are left hopeless until we muster up the courage, and then give ourselves hope.

I’ve come to realize that a lot of people are unreliable at times. We live in a world that has  numerous amounts of “flakes.” I’m sure you probably know some “flakes” personally (hopefully you’re not a flake). You need no one, but yourself to get you motivated here. Let’s think about this with a more microscopic eye because people tend to pretend like they’ll be there for you, but when you need them the most they’re a “no-show.

Remember if someone think they have played you, always know they really played themselves, and not you.

Family, friends, and everyone who you may think are there for you, will become the “flakes,” and when they start becoming “flakes,” that’s when you should cut them off. So many opportunist are around us, who aren’t really there for you, but are only there for their own self-interest. Make it clear that you aren’t a tool for their use, but you’re in fact a unique individual who will lead yourself to the great things that you know are ahead of you.

Recently I had to realize that people who I thought can be counted on aren’t who I initially thought they were. I had a project that I was doing, and I reached out to several individuals (family included) and you know what they did?

They turned “flakes,” so instead of being angry, or feeling down, I did what I knew best, and that was to continue on, and just do my thing. I have no time to waste worried about “flakes,” and you shouldn’t either. Remember time is the most important, and the most valuable asset that you’ll ever have, so don’t waste it focusing on an individual that’s a flake.

We all have only 24 hours in a day, and if some people want to waste their 24, and spend it being a “flake,” then let them do that. What you should really focus on here, is how you’re going to make the best out of your 24 hours, and make it into a magnificent 24 hours that is used to make yourself a better person who is getting closer to fulfilling your destiny. Remember if someone think they have played you, always know they really played themselves, and not you.


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