cheated on can be a traumatic experience in which you’re left wondering why me? It will leave you feeling a deep sense of betrayal, sadness, and anger  mixed in one. Why did this happen to me?

Well don’t let it get the best of you because you are better than that, just focus yourself on being a better person, and don’t let this “Cheater” make you lose the kind heart that you had in the beginning. I can tell you how I felt when I found out the woman who I loved was cheating. It devastated me, and I felt like my heart was in a million pieces.

I thought this person was someone who I can trust, but she just took the trust that I gave her, chewed it up, spat it out, and then stepped on it. Now, there I was trying to pick up the pieces of a broken heart, and damaged trust. Trying to gain my self-confidence back after this woman gave it a shot that pierced it deeply. If you know the feeling of “heartbreak” then you know it sucks. It’s a feeling that leaves you depressed, and unable to do anything because you’re constantly thinking about a person who isn’t even worthy of even being on your mind.

By you giving a person who betrayed your trust real estate in your mind; you’re actually giving them some kind of relevance, which they don’t deserve at all.

I remember it like it was yesterday, I remember reaching over to ask this woman if I can use her computer, and she said “Yes.” I guess she wasn’t thinking at the time because if she was I’m sure she wouldn’t have made me use her computer.

So, When I reached over to use her computer to check my emails, I noticed that she didn’t log out of her email account. I am not the type to snoop around someone’s email, but the first email was quite provocative. I didn’t want to look, but it had caught me, and I knew I didn’t send her any provocative emails so there was no need for her to have any.

By you giving a person who betrayed your trust real estate in your mind; you're actually giving them some kind of relevance, which they don't deserve at all. Click To Tweet


Well what I saw was “Interesting” to say the least. She talked about how last night was great, and how they went out to eat, got drunk, and he even referred to her as “Lover.” The more I kept reading, it just felt like I kept sinking deeper into an abyss.


I wanted to confront her, but didn’t know how to say it. I just played it cool, and pretended like I didn’t see anything. I tried to remain as cool as I was before getting her computer, and although it was hard to do I still maintained (or tried to).

It was obvious that she saw the change in my mood because once she got her  computer back from me, she immediately asked me “What’s wrong?”  

I played everything off, and said “Nothing is wrong.”

All day it kept killing me, but I chose to keep my cool. I didn’t want to seem petty, but to think that she was sharing intimate moments that I shared with her, with someone else just kept eating me out inside. I wanted to remain silent for a while, but I felt like I just couldn’t and I had to confront her.

To be continued..

In part two of this post we will continue, stay tuned



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