The road to becoming everything great can be a tiresome process. You’ll encounter people who will constantly do everything to convince you on why you should quit. Spouses will turn their backs on you. Friends will be unfriendly with your dreams.

I know people will probably say this is an age old topic, but it seems that we have to always revisit it, and sometimes we have to encourage ourselves to continue. Yes, trying to continue when you’re in a world of negativity is quite hard. Everything can sometimes feel like it’s crumbling, and you may also have moments where you question yourself and say “Is this really for me, do I have what it takes?” Everything here is perfectly normal, we do have these self-questioning moments, but what will make you beat them, is how you deal with them.

The valley of dead dreams is overcrowded, and every day another dead dream gets added, because someone chose to be “realistic,” like how the naysayers would want you to be. The naysayers want you to be “realistic” because they lack the courage, and will to bring their dreams to life.


The road can get real lonely when you’re on it alone, and it will sometimes feel like you’re on a path to nowhere. A course that brings you right back to square one. Yes, it can get real lonely, but if you stick with it, and just shake off the bumps in the road then your outcome will be marvelous. Make all the issues that you face become challenges that you plan on defeating, then you’ll see the other side of the road that will be quite glorious for you.

You’ll step into your glory, and it will be a marvelous feeling. If you face issues now, just know that they’re temporary. Even if you’re dealing with people who are all against you, never let them get the best of you because if you allow them to get the best of you, then you’ll only give them a piece of you that in no way at all they deserve.

I know that we’ll sometimes question ourselves, that’s perfectly normal, but don’t let this self-questioning develop into self-doubt that will eventually became a nasty obstacle that obstructs your vision of seeing a better way for yourself. The road isn’t easy, but once you get past this trial and tribulation that you face, you’ll have the attitude of a real winner, and you’ll develop the skills needed to help others get through their hard times, and rough roads. Resilience is key! Always remember that!


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