images of the Police here in the United States beating, or killing the very same citizens who they sworn to protect has gotten out of hand. These people have been on a power-trip lately, and don’t get me wrong here. Yes, I’m aware that not all cops are bad, but the bad ones do give the good ones a bad name.

Police aren’t suppose to harass, or walk around feeling like they’re modern-day Roman troops. They are supposed to serve, and protect. In the last couple of months it just feels like none of that serving or protecting have been taking place. It feels more like the same people who they’re given a duty to protect, are the very same people who they’re ruling over with an iron fist.


This behavior is being tolerated because the elected officials aren’t really doing anything beyond the usual “talk” to pacify those who may feel like they can become a victim of the police brutality. The world that we’re in now will make a person of color almost become a prisoner in their own community. A prisoner because the very same people who were given a task to maintain order, and uphold the “law” are the same individuals who are breaking it.

Community policing might have to be injected in the discussion here. Maybe people should think about that, and maybe that would work (it helps to at least create a discussion around it).

We can’t keep on waking up, and seeing another headline, or another hashtag. One innocent life lost is one too many, and within the last five years this has gotten painful to watch. It has gone unchecked, and now it seems the disregard for a life (especially a minority life) is becoming the new in thing. The United States is supposed to be a nation that says it’s all about freedom, but how can someone say they have freedom when they feel like they are an inmate the minute that they step outside their home.

We have politicians who seem to just sit back and allow the police to go unchecked, and quite frankly it isn’t right. Why would you vote for someone who had a platform of public safety, but then won’t ensure that the individuals who are supposed to keep the public safe aren’t really doing their job?

They aren’t doing their job because how can someone be safe, if those in “public safety”  the  “members of law enforcement” have zero respect for the law.

A few months back I made a suggestion on social media, and said that the federal government should make a federal law called the PAPB act. It means People against police brutality act, and I thought of it as a way that would help the masses. One key part of it would be that any police officer who is convicted of a crime would lose their pension, and any other benefits that comes with the job.

I’m sure if they knew that by killing an innocent person, they can possibly ruin all their perks that comes with the job, it would surely make them think before pulling the trigger. I know that all things are possible, and with everyone united we can make this a reality because the people need something more than just an hashtag. Don’t you think so? We need some solid legislation, or else it will get much worst before it can get any better.

Share, and spread the message. Peace and blessings to you all!


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