second presidential debate was one filled with moments that seemed like both candidates were fed up with each other. Hillary who immediately took advantage of Donald Trump’s lewd comments (as some would say), in which he said he just wanted to grab a woman’s private parts.

Donald Trump immediately countered her comments by also bringing up Bill’s treatment of women. He made it clear that he respected women more than Bill did, and when the camera zoomed to Bill’s reaction, it was priceless. This debate was filled with Saturday night live material, so I know that it will be done well when it comes to the late night comics. Donald Trump also said something that shocked everyone.

He said that if he’s elected, he would get a special prosecutor and start an investigation into Hillary and her emails. This left Hillary smiling, but that does raise an eyebrow, and makes one think that maybe Trump sees that he can possibly gain more votes by saying that statement, and possibly pander to the anti-Hillary audience. Hillary also had some “I need more votes” comments in which the theme that she possessed was “I am for women, and minorities.”

This whole election season is somewhat laughable if you ask me. I think it’s probably the first one in  my lifetime where I’m not so enthused about it. We’re right around the corner from the election, and people are still divided.

Trump stated that if Hillary wanted to change the tax code, or make real change, then why didn’t she attempt to do so when she was a Senator. You can tell that when he said that it left her a little uneasy, but it was somewhat a valid question.
night was filled with political rhetoric.

You be the judge of how you think this debate went, I do think that it was quite entertaining.

best question came at the ending when a man in the audience asked if they can say one positives thing about each other, and Hillary answered by saying how great Donald Trump’s children are, and how they’re fantastic individuals. Trump responded and said how he loves Hillary’s “Never give up” attitude.

Stay tuned because this election season has been very interesting thus far.

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