this morning I was talking to a friend of mine who told me he might have a deceitful woman on his hands. Me being the person that I am, I quickly asked him why is it that he feels that way, and then he dropped the bombshell news on me. He said he has a real reason to believe his woman is deceitful because she started to keep her cell phone away from him.

I didn’t want him to feel like he was taking things more serious than it really was, so I made him give me the full scoop without interrupting him. I allowed him to speak, and when he was done  I then understood exactly why he had his suspicions, and now it was looking a little legitimate. Everything that he was saying was totally legitimate. By the time that he was done speaking, it was so clear that even a visually impaired individual would have been able to see that his woman wasn’t as trust worthy as he may have thought.

photo-1455139960217-3de50ca3bc8cShe wasn’t being the most honest, and it was clear to him, and after he told me the whole story, it was also clear to me too. When you have a spouse, and they’re doing things like sneaking off to answer the phone, or putting the phone on vibrate whenever they’re around you, or even turning it off altogether, then it’s obvious that they’re acting a little funny. In today’s world that is an indication that there is no trust.

I would even say that if you’re hiding your phone from each other, and having unprotected sex, then maybe it’s time that you think about using condoms.

There is no trust because a cell phone now for many of us is a personal item, we probably spend more time with our mobile phones than we do with our loved ones. So, by hiding this phone, and concealing it from the person who is supposed to be your significant other that clearly shows that you’re hiding something from the individual who you supposedly care about.

This can go both ways, a man shouldn’t feel the need to hide his phone from his woman unless he also has things in there that he doesn’t want her to see. We have to be totally honest, and real with each other, especially in this era of mobile phones. I once had a woman who did this to me, and I wrote a little about her ways, and the situation that you can read about here. You might have to reevaluate your relationship if one of you are hiding your phone from the other. In fact, if you are hiding your phone, or have a password on it that you’re hiding from your significant other, then you two aren’t as faithful as you may think.


I would even say that if you’re hiding your phone from each other, and having unprotected sex, then maybe it’s time that you think about using condoms. If you’re able to share intimate moments with each other unprotected, but can’t even look over on your partner’s phone screen without them pulling it away, or hiding, I think it’s safe to say Houston we have a problem here.

Don’t play stupid either, if you suspect a shift in a person’s ways when it comes to their phone, well maybe they’re up to no good, but you know what they say, people will only do to you what they see you’ll accept. So, don’t let someone damage your trust. I remember when I saw the woman I thought I can trust with some provocative text messages that broke my heart. She was living a double life. She went on a vacation, and wound up getting raunchy with some other guy. Then when she came back in town, I found out she did the same with another guy.


She then tried to make her cheating my fault, and accused me of looking in her phone. I gladly explained to her that the only reason I was looking in her phone was because she was the one who had asked me to get a number from her phone for her, but when she told me to grab the phone that was when I looked, and  saw that she had her text messages opened, and the first message was so raunchy that it immediately caught my eye.  My mood changed drastically when I saw what she had written, but I knew that I had to just relax, and remain calm.

Once I passed her back her phone, she looked at it.


Once she looked back at me, I knew she was shocked that I saw her provocative text messages saying how  she “miss him,” and how they had a wonderful time, and how she’s at work “crying at her desk.”

I was crushed, but as we went on I thought she was going to come clean; she did a move that outdone her first one. What she did now was remove her password from her phone, and instead installed the fingerprint password, so now she was making sure that no one, but her saw her raunchy text messages.

Truth be told, I had to shift my focus, and realize a person who will do this isn’t really a person I can trust, so when my friend was telling me his situation I quickly remembered when I was in a similar one.  A phone is a private item, and if you’re hiding it from someone who you live with, share intimate moments with, and who you claim you love, then you’re playing a dirty game. You must not really love them at all because no one who truly cares for someone would do that.  Think deeply about it.

If you know that you’re a person that can’t be faithful, then live a single life. Don’t try to get with another person who is one hundred percent in, but you’re maybe ten percent in. If you do this, then you’re only displaying a selfish behavior. Betraying someone’s precious trust is like putting a knife right through their heart.





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