Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,  sometimes we are our best ally. There comes a moment when you have to sit back, and realize that people aren’t there for you like how you would be there for yourself. You have those moments when you have what Oprah calls an aha moment.

The aha moment here is realizing that maybe waiting for others to see your vision, or to help you build your vision might be out of the picture. They might not see the bigger picture like how you do, and you probably have to become a lone wolf of some sort. Be the one who will first build on your idea, and once the idea becomes reality, then you’ll see how people will come along, but for many Johnny-come-lately individuals it will certainly be too late.


Going alone is a little tougher, but it will build strength, courage, a relentless attitude, and give you a backbone like no other. People will admire you in the end much more because it will leave them dazzled to believe that you did it all alone without any type of help.

From within you’ll become stronger, and the endurance for whatever life may throw at you will be built to drive you through any situation that you might find yourself in. Truth be told you’ll probably build your character in a much greater way by going alone because you’ll have no one to blame if something  does go wrong.

Indeed you will be the only one that you should point a finger at, if something was to go wrong.


Taking accountability for everything that you do will really fall onto your shoulders. You will have to hold the load, and then carry it until you properly dispose of it.

So, while some folks feel the need to always have a million people around them, I personally feel like going alone sometimes is actually the best thing to do. I don’t mind it at all because it gives me that little Ole thing called “peace of mind.”

Oh how it feels beyond remarkable when you know that you’re at peace, and all is going in your favor. You’re in control, and you’re making every move coordinate with your true destiny. Work to make yourself greater tomorrow than you are today. Once you do that, then everything will go in your favor. People will come and then they’ll go, but your attitude, the one that you built will stay with you throughout many stages of your life.

You’re the gem that shines here, and remember sometimes a gem has to be that one diamond in the rough.

The one that is sculpted to become that perfectly cut diamond, so by you working on yourself alone, all you’re doing is just sculpting your diamond, and making it better, so that it can sit perfectly in the ring that will be known as your life.


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