The element that we use daily known as fire is an element that we all take for granted. Just look at fire, and what it’s capable of doing, and then apply those attributes to your goals, and you’ll see why I make such a real comparison.

Fire is a force that is  neither good, nor evil. It is all dependent on the intent of the person that is using it. You can use fire to cook food, heat a home, or even provide light when there is darkness, and that’s the good side.

Be an innovator, or you might become another person hoping that an innovator has created a job for you.

Now, when it comes to the bad side a person can use fire to burn down the home of another, or even use it to torch a person’s property, and that would be the negative side of this neutral force.

Flames can engulf anything that is in its vicinity, and bring devastation to villages, and so this now brings us to why I say “Being like fire can make you successful.” If you were to develop the attitude of a flame, then that means you would burn hot with the will to engulf anything that lies in your way because you’re set out to accomplish a desired result because you have been ignited.

you’re ignited with a bold attitude, and now that you’re embolden; the only way that you would be stopped is if a water like element was present, but the goal here is to stay away from that type of element, and the water like element here would be naysayers.

If people talked, and talked, and kept trying to talk you out of your future success, and you allowed their words to become a deterrent to your success, then you have just allowed them to out your flames. The devastation that would cause you probably would be quite monumental, and then you would just be another individual with “Broken dreams.”


Don’t become another person that sits around thinking about what could have been. Don’t let the flame of hope that you have stop burning because you gave someone the privilege to out your flame, and now you’re filled with regrets.

“What if I kept going?”

“I wish I..”

“I was going to make it, but I made so, and so talk me out of it.”

The fire is now extinguished because you gave someone the opportunity to douse your flame. Giving them the power, and making yourself weak is never the road that you should go down on. In fact, the doubts, and all their negative words should be more fuel to your fire if anything. It should make the flames burn more violently, only to devour all that might be in your way.


Take back your future, and leave it up to you, don’t let someone else have the power, don’t allow them to spray the hose of despair onto your dreams. We are now entering a serious period where never have we seen such a major switch. The switch is so apparent that I don’t even think I have to say it, we’re now in a world where people can’t hope to have “JOB SECURITY.”

Be an innovator, or you might become another person hoping that an innovator has created a job for you. The fire that you should become, if you do it the right way will leave you burning with innovation, and creativity far beyond what words can describe.

Now, if the thought of being a thrill seeker career wise scares you, and you much rather look for “JOB SECURITY,” it’s perfectly fine, but if you do come across periods where you feel unfulfilled, and feel like your job has you on a course to nowhere, do remember that you were warned earlier about that.


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