Drugs comes in all forms, and they are highly addictive, whether it may be cocaine, or even an over the counter drug. They can ravage your life, and make a person who everyone knew become unrecognizable. Drugs are powerful, and it tends to take control of the person that becomes hooked on it. An addict that is hooked on heroin can’t start their day without a fix. If they don’t get the drug, it starts to feel like they’re dying because their body is telling them that they need the drug.

Their body is informing them that they can’t function without the drug, and so the heroin addict is unable to even have a normal day without first injecting themselves, or snorting some heroin. It is a nasty and deadly addiction, but the drugs that is worst than heroin that inflicts so many people in today’s world is the “Excuse drug,” and also “Procrastination.”   

You know what I mean, and if you don’t I’m here to tell you about these two dangerous substances that go hand in hand with one another. So many people around the world will constantly take their daily dose of “excuses” and then take a shot of “procrastination,” and then come back around and have another fix of “excuses,” to explain why they’re “procrastinating.”

These drugs are deadly because they kill dreams, they let people who have so much potential conform, and use the dreadful word that we call “Tomorrow.”


You know what I mean, instead of doing what they have to do now, at the current moment, they let “procrastination” get in their system, and then they’ll say “Tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow” eventually becomes their theme song as if they were a part of the cast for the movie Annie. They wait, and wait and then come up with an “excuse” on why they’re waiting for “Tomorrow,” but as they keep on using that dreadful word, it seems like “Tomorrow” never comes.

It never arrives because it starts to look almost like they’re stuck in the realm of being high on excuses like “I was going to do this, but something came up.” “I can’t right now, but I will soon,” and the list goes on.

It feels almost like they just can’t help themselves because the drug is so powerful that it takes control of them.

These two are the world’s deadliest drugs because it infects all races, cultures, and genders. It has the majority of the public by a stronghold, and it seems like so many people in our society can’t detox from it. Yes, it is very power, I myself was once addicted to these drugs, but I had to realize that being hooked on it won’t help my life in no way at all.


It’s a dangerous thing because it will consume you, and make you become comfortable, although you keep on complaining about how you currently hate your life, or your current situation. It can leave you in a state of being “average” and living an unfulfilled “average life.”

You’ll probably kill your potential, and gradually die from the inside because you’re not as fulfilled as you should be.

The detox can happen, it is in fact possible, but in order to detox from “excuses,” and “procrastination” you have to first wake up with a clean thought process.

First, make yourself know that today you are going to “Just do it” like what the famous Nike slogan says.

Yes, by telling yourself that you’re going to “Just do it,” no matter what “it” is; you’ll program your mind into getting the task done that you may have at hand. Just talking about getting something done though has no real value. The real value comes when you put the action in place.


Action means everything, so if you want to rid yourself of “excuses,” and “procrastination,” then you’ll have to move forward, and proceed with “action” because talking means nothing if you don’t put in the steps needed to have  real world results.

Results are what matters, and by being hooked to the drug known as “excuses,” and “procrastination,” it has given you no results worth bragging about, or at least no results that you can feel proud of, unless you consider saying “Tomorrow,” and “Soon” as results.

Take some time now, and think about this.. Do you want to detox from “excuses,” and “procrastination,” or do you want to remain hooked on it.  Trust me, being hooked on it will do absolutely nothing for your life, unless that’s what you want….

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