Life at times can become very unpredictable, and sometimes you sit back, and ask yourself “why me?” Why is everything going bad, and how comes it feels like nothing can ever go my way? Or, you might even have everything in order, and  for the first time in your life, it seems like everything is going your way, but “Boom”
explosion-147909_960_720a personal bomb goes off, and everything comes crashing down.

The beautiful progress that you thought you had is now in jeopardy, and now everything is coming down on you like a ton of bricks. It seems like nothing pans out the way that you want it to, and now you’re back at square one.

Every time that life throws you lemons; you better catch them, and then proceed to pull out the sugar, the juicer, and make some lemonade.

Now you’re back at the place where you originally started, and everything gone south for you. You’re left with those tough questions. You’re asking life why is it treating you this way. You feel like the universe, or god (depending on your personal beliefs) have left you out to dry. You wonder why is this happening for the one million, three hundred, and fifty thousandth time.

You feel unlucky, and this thing called life just keeps on feeding you the sour grapes, and giving you a drastically hard time. Well I have some news for you, some good news and some bad news.

First let me start with the GOOD NEWS.

Life is exactly what a person makes it to be, so if you’re a middle-aged person, and you’re complaining that you’re at a job that is only paying you nine dollars, and you’re still living with roommates instead of owning your own home, or having your own apartment, then that means you created that life of being middle-aged and getting paid only nine dollars an hour. The good news here is that given that we’re in the age of technology, and with the internet being so big, and offering a world of opportunities you’re still not finished.


You can still change your life, if you’re willing to do so. So, know that it isn’t too late as long as you believe deeply in your heart that it isn’t late at all. Make yourself into an individual that possess value, and one who offers value to anyone that you may come across.

So, with that being said time for a drum-roll please!!! Yes you guessed it the big BAD NEWS!

Now here is the truth, there isn’t any bad news really because if your life is in a bad place, I would like you to refer to the section above where I talked about the GOOD NEWS, and then understand it because once you grasp a real understanding of it, then you’ll see why I say there is no real BAD NEWS to say the least.


Every time that life throws you lemons; you better catch them, and then proceed to pull out the sugar, the juicer, and make some lemonade. No bad situation should EVER make you choose to give up on life. You get one shot at it, so you better make this shot a good one, and aim at your target well because you can do it.

Life happens, so don’t feel like you’re down and out, just know that this down period is helping to build you up, to enable you with a real amount of strength. Learn from all situations in which you may find yourself in because if you don’t learn from them, then you’re only going to allow yourself to fall victim to the same situation once again.

Never become so down that you make the easiest choice, and that’s to give up. Trust me all that will do is make you fall even further down the hole.



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