You ever found yourself deeply frustrated, and just angry when that alarm clock goes off, and when you look at the time, it was now time for you to get up, and go to that job that you despise. You only reason you showed up is because you “have bills to pay.” You only show up because you have responsibilities to take care of, but realistically you want nothing to do with this job beyond getting a paycheck.

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When your heart isn’t in it; it can become a gruesome experience just getting up, and going to work because it’s a place that is slowly killing you. It’s slowly draining you of your creativity, and making you lose who your identity as a person. The heart speaks, and the problem with that is that most people never listen when their heart is speaking. So, now they go through a life of pain, constant complaining about how they hate their job, and wish they were rich, or wish tomorrow they would hit the lottery.


Well, I’m here to let you know that “hoping,” and “wishing,” isn’t the way to go. In fact, if you really wanted to “hit the lottery,” instead of wasting your money on those lottery tickets; you would sit down, and think of an idea that will make you earn more money. Either start a business that solves a problem, and brings value to your target customer.  Or you should write that book that you always wanted to write, and then go out there, and sell it. You see reaching your goals are possible, and don’t become comfortable at that little dead-end job because when it’s all said, and done you’ll only hurt yourself in the long run.

You’ll only keep yourself in a state of misery, and you’ll never accomplish anything doing so. Life is supposed to be enjoyed because when it’s all said and done, we only have one shot at this thing called life, so I believe that we might as well get it right while we’re here.



Don’t make yourself become a slave to a routine that you know you’re not happy with.

Yes, do your regular job for now, so that you can pay the bills, but don’t make it get the best of you, especially if you know that your heart isn’t in it.

Do your job, and on the side gradually work on your business, so that what started out as a side hustle will morph into your main hustle. It will be the main thing that you’ll use to generate income.

Don’t let someone else be your “boss” forever. You can reach to a level of excellency, and then fire your boss. Make that a goal of yours for the new year. It is possible, but first you must work towards it. Make this upcoming year one that will be your time. Break away, and mold yourself into whatever it is that your heart has an undying passion for.

Live your life, and don’t let another person tell you how you should live your life.

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