I like to say that I’m a memorable person, and when it’s all said and done, I will be remembered because the impact that I’ll leave on the hearts, and minds of everyone that I come across will be one of a kind. Being a memorable person to me is nothing more than just being a person who people will always remember, or should I say the people who you come across will remember you because you’ve made some type of impact in their life, no matter how small, or how big it might be.

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Let’s just say this, I’m pretty sure you remember that school teacher, or individual that played a major role in your life. I’m sure you remember how they probably changed your way of thinking, or even your outlook on many things. Now with that being said. I think if you placed yourself in a similar position, then the impact that you’ll have on someone else’s life will also be memorable. We live in a society where the majority of people have short attentions spans, so if someone was able to remember you, then that would mean you did something right to be able to embed the thought of who you are into the mind of another.

When it comes to others, be the one who they’ll remember for all the right reasons, and be the one that no one will easily forget. The reason why, is because you should set yourself up in  a position in which you’re the one who leaves a lasting impact on the hearts, and minds of everyone that you encounter.

The good impact you leave can possibly become a life saver in the sense that you might leave such a good memory with someone to the point where they might remember you first when they’re rewarding someone with a big paying contract, or job.

Exactly how you treat someone will impact how you’re treated, so think about that, and then take the time to understand why it’s a great tool to utilize why occupying real estate in a person’s mind is quite beneficial to you, and to your brand.

So once you fully remember this, always carry yourself with a sense of purpose, and never do anything that that will ruin your image because you want to be remember as a quality person. Make yourself into a person that will be called upon, and keep a lasting positive image of yourself, it will go a long way.

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