Here you have it, you are in a world where you’re facing a large amount of competition. You feel like you’re working hard, and still nothing. So, you put in your all, give it all you got and still nothing. You break your back day in, and day out, and still nothing. You might feel like nothing works no matter how hard you work.

You probably even would characterize yourself as someone who is a real hard worker, and you were taught to believe that those who work hard actually have a chance at advancing. Well hard work does help, but it depends on what kind of hard work. Like here’s an example, if you work hard at a warehouse, and constantly go far and beyond, no matter what the chances are, you are working hard at a dead-end job.

the one who outsmart everyone is always the one with the life that everyone wish they had.

Now, if you started a business of your own, and you’re up before the sun is up, and when the sun goes down you’re still up trying to make it happen, and then even when you’re tired; you’re out on the street approaching people, making extra phone calls, and doing what’s needed to make your business successful, then most likely that type of hard work will certainly pay off because you’re adding value to your life based on the work that you’re putting in.

Remember once you outsmart your competition, then you’ll give yourself some great leverage, in fact your brain is your greatest muscle, and if you use it the right way, then it will let you advance the right way.

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Never let someone feel just because they’re killing themselves at a dead-end job, or working the hardest to prove something to a boss who could care-less about them get to you. Don’t let it even scuff your thought process one bit. Your hard work is using smart work, and you’ll outsmart all who may stand in your way. In my book “Be
the Master of your surroundings,”
I touch on this very subject and much more.

Always out-think anyone that you are going against because they’ll be too consumed in competing, it will cloud their minds, and they won’t be able to think as fast as you would be. You’re in control, so don’t let someone distort your thought process, and make you become unable to think straight. Wisdom is the principle thing, and once you outsmart your adversaries; you’re using your wisdom as your personal weapon. It will guide you whenever you feel like you need some guidance.

It will be the place in which you’ll always revert to because you are the wizard, and your wisdom will give you power that no one else holds. Don’t let no one feel like they can beat you at this game. Life is certainly a game, and you’re in it to win, so let those who want to “break their back,” and prove that they’re “hard workers” continue to work hard.

Look, you know the difference between a coal miner, and the one who own’s the coal mine right? Besides salary of course the major difference is that the coal miner works really hard, and they have made themselves accustomed to being “labor,” while the owner has thought with a smart thought process, and made himself accustomed to being the owner.

Now, use this with everything you do in life, and then you’ll see why the one who outsmart everyone is always the one with the life that everyone wish they had.

Feel free to pick up my book “Be the master of your surroundings” here. You will certainly love it, especially if you love this blog and website.

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