Being obsessed with something can really take a stronghold on an individual’s life. You have people who are obsessed with eating, and the result from that can possibly be obesity, or they’ll be in some bad health of some sort. You have people who are obsessed with going to the gym, and that result will turn their body into a constant work in progress (in their mind), even though to others they will look like they’re in great shape.

An obsession with excellence will turn your life into a work of art.

It’s fair to say that once you’re obsessed you will always have some kind of result from that obsession, whether it may be positive or negative. Now, if you are obsessed with being the best, then you’re going to make it your goal to be the best. You’re going to see to it that you become the best at all costs, and that you become just exactly what you’re out to be.

The results from being obsessed will always be there. You can take a man who is obsessed with a particular woman, he’ll probably watch her, and follow her, it will probably get so bad that his obsession will become border line stalker, and then for the intended recipient of the obsession they’ll probably become scared. This is a case of “obsession” becoming negative, and the result isn’t a positive one.

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Now, if a person is obsessed with excellence, and want to become excellence in the sense of the word, then being deeply obsessed with it will certainly make you into what it is that you’re out to become. If day after day; you strive to be excellent, then that is what you’ll certainly become.

If you stalk excellence, and put it at the top of your goals then it will eventually become your best friend. Remember a person becomes what they find themselves constantly thinking about. They become what they’re always pursuing, and you will certainly become excellence, if you’re right there behind it, and are gradually sculpting yourself, so that you can be in the mold of excellence because you know that is what you’re after.

An obsession with excellence will turn your life into a work of art. It will make you become a fine piece of art. You will see the change happen right before your eyes because even your friends will change, and if you go after excellence the right way, then everyone that you hang around will also be chasing excellence. They’ll all be like-minded, so you won’t feel left alone in the end.

In the beginning though, most won’t understand, but what really matters here is that YOU understand, and as long as you “Get it,” then anyone who doesn’t get it, is absolutely irrelevant. Reach for a great amount of excellence because it adds purpose to your life, and allows you to be the “Master”
in all situations that you face in life.

Excellence waits for no one, but average is always there waiting for you to join the ranks of the average.

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