We have now reached a point in society where many people are living in uncertainty, and hoping that politicians will save them, and guarantee them with that nice thing called “job security.”

What is that you may ask?

Well maybe you already know because you were raised with someone who programmed you into thinking that having a “good job” will solve all your issues.

Waking up to the beat of an alarm clock, and wishing Fridays were every day was probably the method they taught you to go by, retire with a nice 401k and all your issues will be solved. Hey maybe if you reach the retirement age,e which I think is around 65-70 then your life can be enjoyed because for so many years you slaved away at this “good job.”

there is nothing wrong with getting a job now while you’re working on the side to build your dreams, but don’t let the job get in the way of your dreams.

WOW!! and YIKES!!! what a bag of manure to say the least.

So you mean to tell me that a person is supposed to start enjoying their life when they’re a senior citizen, while they’re probably close to the end of their life. Maybe that method worked many years ago, but today it is an outdated method because life is meant to be enjoyed, well at least that’s what I believe. It is meant to be explored, and shared with your close loved ones, but hey, maybe if you enjoy the “cubicle life” the thought of going after a “good job” is safe for you.

If adventure isn’t what you desire, then go for the “good job,” and have the boss that is a total piece of fecal matter. As harsh as it may sound some people are hooked on this paycheck to paycheck method, and all it does is keep them on the hamster wheel of life. The never-ending cycle that just won’t give you any real leverage. Maybe you’ll become a supervisor, or some boss in the company, but will that really allow you to truly enjoy life?

Will it give you something to pass on to your kids, so that they can eventually pass it on to their children?

We're in a unique position now because the internet has surely changed the game Click To Tweet

Will you be able to leave a lasting legacy that is remembered long after you’re gone?

These are all legitimate questions that you must ask yourself, and see if having a “good job” aligns with your purpose in life.

Now, there is nothing wrong with getting a job now while you’re working on the side to build your dreams, but don’t let the job get in the way of your dreams. Don’t complain that you’re so burnt out, and tired from this so-called “good job” that you don’t even have the time to make your dreams reality, so that they can transform into your main job, and become your main means of support, so that you can have something that will make you into the person that you see yourself in your mind.

We’re in a unique position now because the internet has surely changed the game, and made markets, information, and new career paths accessible to people who many years ago didn’t have any access to them. We can now bypass the gate keepers of certain industries, and do a direct to consumer approach. You can’t speak on how you want to make it, if you’re not even trying to make it.

All that you desire can be yours, but you have to put in the action that is needed, so that it can become yours. It is possible, but you have to show out, and now make it a possibility because looking for a “good job” isn’t the answer.

It will only be a temporary fix to a permanent issue, it’s kind of like having a flat tire, and patching it up. Eventually if you want to fix the flat permanently you will have to purchase a whole new tire.

Your life is supposed to be a great one, so now I challenge you to make it a great one. The years to come will be challenging, so you have to decide if you’re up for the challenge, or will you join the ranks of the “good job” folks. If you have to stay up later go for it, if you have to go that extra mile, then put on comfortable shoes because you will have to walk that long lonely road. If you stick with it, then eventually all the work that you put in now that might seem useless, will manifest into something of great value.

I’ve seen people loyal to the company that they were working for; they’ve been working there for years, and then they just got fired or “downsized” because the company was sold, or they were trying to bring in new cheaper labor, and now all your blind loyalty meant nothing, and this is one reason why job security is a thing of the past.

You’re the one here that can make the outcome magnificent, or make it into something of misery.

Complaining about how you hate your job isn’t the way, after all you did choose to sit down, and become comfortable with this “good job.”


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