The art known as Obeah is very misunderstood, and people have many perceptions of it. What I’m going to do with these series of posts on this beautiful African spirituality is try to let people understand the science behind it. This isn’t a training session (well not yet) but an understanding of the science behind it.

My background in Obeah comes a long way, I grew up in a Jamaican household (being Jamaican myself) and I grew up around this craft for many years. Along with hearing stories on it, I also witnessed it firsthand. I was always a very spiritual person, and always wanted to understand the universe, the laws of attraction, laws of abundance, and many other things. People would say Obeah was “evil,” because they were misinformed, and programmed with a colonial attitude towards a craft that is very empowering, and beautiful.

Now, you have to remove any form of prejudice that you may have when it comes to this because the purpose of this article is for me to talk about the science behind it and why in my years of studying Obeah, and practicing it I have fallen in love with what is also a love for nature, your ancestors, and the universe. To call Obeah “evil” or devil worship is ignorant, and those who would try to insult what came to the Americas on slave ships are nothing more than the misinformed.

Obeah does fall under the ATR umbrella (African traditional religions) although it isn’t quite like a religion. It’s more a spiritual practice that connects an individual with the divine, it connects a person with nature, and to their inner-self, and also allows them to manipulate certain situations.

Vodou, Santeria (Lucumi), Palo Mayombe, Umbanda, Candomble are religions in the sense that they possess a clergy, and there is some type of religious structure.

Obeah is individual based, and the individual is either a Obeahman or an Obeahwoman, both are equally powerful, and develop more knowledge as they go on.

Now, if you’re looking for the history on Obeah, then just do a google search, and you will find that, what I’m going to get into here in this article, along with the others speaking on this great craft is the science of it, and what enables it.

It is a science that only a few have mastered

Obeah is a deep science in which the practitioner understands the laws of nature, and many other laws in which they seek harmony with nature, or they can attempt to shift the flow of things.

Like for example, let’s say you were trying to get a job, and your name was being considered, and so was another person’s name, and you really wanted this job, but your chances were looking slim. There are ways that with Obeah you would be able to alter the flow of things, and get your desired result. You can call certain things in your life, and the results would be exactly what you wanted.

In today’s world that would be known as using the “Laws of attraction” to attract exactly what you wanted in your life. As research shows the laws of attraction works, and it is a very real thing, so one can believe, and actively pursue what it is that they’re after, and it shall be theirs.

It’s similar to “Seek and ye shall find.” The belief that one can change their current situation using spiritual means is very real, but you have to also put in the steps to make it change.

Look at this example, picture you wanted to grow a full healthy lawn with no dry patches. You desired to have some nice green grass because your current lawn was horrible.

If you wanted your lawn to be well-groomed, sitting around and hoping for it to be how you desired it to be wouldn’t work. You would have to get the tools, the manure, and everything else that’s needed to make your lawn look beautiful, and then after you had all the tools for the job, and after you did the work, then you can rely on nature (using the sunlight, and rain, and also watering your lawn manually) to make your lawn come out the way that you wanted it to be.

Obeah is similar to this, if you have a candle, a psalms, an incantation, an animal bone, or someone’s personal belongings, they’re just tools. You would have to also do the ground work, or put in the “sweat equity.”

One thing great about Obeah is that when it comes to this great craft there is no discrimination allowed. You can be white, black, Asian or any other race, a man, woman it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that you’re practicing properly and have a clear knowledge of the power of the universe, the power of your words, the power of your intention, and know what your desired outcome is that you seek .

It’s like going to a door knocking, and not stopping until it is opened for you.

Remember that your ancestors are your spiritual connection, it is they who you share the same bloodline with, and they can help you once your belief in them is deep, and unshaken. It’s kind of like how a child will believe monsters are under their bed no matter what you tell them.

“As a man believe in his heart so is he,” as you see yourself so will the outcome be.

Everything starts with you first knowing what it will be in your mind, and then you will make it into a real thing. “Creative visualization” is a process in visualizing your desire in your mind, and then your sub-conscious will work on making what you desire into a reality.

It is a science that only a few have mastered
 and those who are great at creative creative visualization have unlocked a world of possibilities for themselves. If you use a candle, it is just a tool to assist you with your outcome, and so are the many other tools that I’ll discuss with this subject when it comes to the series of posts that I’ll do on this.

This was just a sample of what’s to come, but feel free to subscribe so that you’ll be up to date with posts on this subject, and also if you want more in detail, and want to learn the craft completely which I occasionally teach personally, then contact me we will get more in detail, and speak about techniques, and things that I don’t think is appropriate to talk about in the open..

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