Ok, so the day started off right, you have everything in order; you woke up on the right side of the bed, you’re feeling good and feeling great. It seems like everything is going exactly how you want it to go, but that one person comes along that says, or does something alters your mood. They become the grinch that has now stolen your joy.

They rub you the wrong way, and now you’re irritated. You’re angry, and you aren’t the same person that you were about five minutes ago. Your mood is now altered, and it’s ruined. It is now in a place where you didn’t want it to be in, because this individual brought you there, and for you it seems like you can’t turn back. It seems like now you’re pissed off. Let’s now rewind this, and then pause at the frame where you are about to develop a change in your mood. We have to pause the picture right here because at this point you have now given someone else power over you.

You know the saying “misery loves company?” Well miserable people thrive off of taking the joy from others. They love to feed on the happiness of others, and leave a path of destruction that only they can take pride in. They are happy to see others join them. See right here, yes this very moment where you allowed a person to alter your mood was the moment that you gave someone else the control. You no longer held your grounds, and they have now became the one that’s leading you on to exactly wherever it is that they want to take you.

Why give someone so much power?

Why make them take away the harmony that you have created for yourself?

You know some individuals love to cause havoc in the lives of others because it brings them a great amount of joy. They take pride in ravaging another person’s peace because they have no inner-peace. They’re miserable, and to make another miserable is their main objective.

Yes, life is going to throw you bad apples, but don’t catch them. Just let the bad apples pass you on by. Never let the bad apples stir you up to the point that you now have a day that you never intended on having. Don’t make it become a day that has been altered, and became something that you never had imagined when you first woke up.

People will purposely upset you, but if you let them get the best of you, then all you’re doing is letting them control you. You must master
your day, and master
every situation that you may find yourself in.

The outcome of a well-kept positive attitude on your part will benefit you mentally, physically and spiritually. Act as if your spirit can’t be broken, even when you’re faced with people who intend on bringing you down to their miserable level.

Take heed, and believe in the outcome that you desire for yourself. If they pull you down, you should reach, and pull yourself up, if they try to throw dirt on you, stay far away and get close to the water to keep yourself clean.

Attitude means everything, and if you possess the right attitude, then you’ll possess everything you need to be self-sufficient and positive as you’re on your quest to success, and a happy life.

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