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It is fair to say that Michael Jordan is considered one of the greatest basketball players, if not the greatest to do it. He has accomplished every goal that he created for himself, and with the amount of accolades, and rings that he received we can say that he is a great one.

Now, he has reached great milestones, and we all know the big business that the Michael Jordan brand is. It’s something that we can all admit is a huge empire. His sneakers are probably the biggest selling sneakers in history, and although it has been years since he played on the court; his sneakers are still widely popular.

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His name is one that’s synonymous with “excellence.” In fact, if someone was to tell someone they’re the “Michael Jordan” of whatever it was that they did, then that would mean they’re great at doing whatever it is that they’re doing. Now, for a person’s name to become so deeply associated with greatness then that means they have dedicated their life to greatness.

So, now this brings me to why I say you should “Be the Michael Jordan of what you do.”

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You should focus your energy on being so great that your well-being is synonymous with greatness, and excellency. It should become a standard routine in which you’re constantly empowering yourself to be the one who is always going far, and beyond so that you can add a high level of quality to whatever you’re doing.


Be a person that others will ask themselves “How did he/she do it?”

“How is it possible that this person is just out doing themselves every time?”

Well here is how it’s possible.

It’s possible because within you; you know that your spirit of perseverance is relentless, and it won’t allow you to fall into the category of mediocrity.

You should know that your life is on the line, your reputation is on the line, your dreams is on the line, and all that you desire is on the line.

You should know that you have no choice, and right now you have to make it happen because you have so much to lose. You have to build yourself up to be the greater one because if you don’t do it, no one else is going to do it for you. Your goals are bigger than what you can put into words, and some people won’t get it, so your best bet is to put the action in play to make the end result one that only you can see.

Your every move is based on the great task at hand, and therefore you’re going to make everything come to life just like how you want it to be. No one can shape your life, but you. You are the artist that can make a beautiful sculpture here, so with every breathing moment you’re dedicating yourself to making a nice piece of art.

Michael Jordan didn’t earn that title by just sitting around, and hoping for it; he worked, and sculpted himself, so that he can create that title for himself. We live in a world of possibility, and if anyone tries to tell you that it’s impossible then all they’re doing is just trying to bring you to their world where they lack the imagination, or the courage to improve upon their existence. Don’t let a naysayer shape your reality.

You are the King, or Queen of your world, and you should command it to what you deem fit for yourself.  So ask yourself this relevant question.

Do you really want to be the “Michael Jordan” of what you do, or do you want to sit back, and welcome an abundance of mediocrity into your life?

The choice is yours…

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