Ok, so you have been at the grueling 9-5 routine for awhile now, and although it’s what’s keeping you afloat; you’re still thinking to yourself that there must be more to life. You are working, and doing the “right thing,” but it just seems like no matter how hard you try, nothing good come of it.

Yes the bills get paid, but still within you there is a sense of emptiness. Even though, to the outside world the job that you have seems great. Hey, you might even have a nice office job with an even cooler corner office, but deep inside; you know this isn’t fulling you. You get the Monday blues just like everyone else, and you’re trying to convince yourself that you have a rock star 401k package, the benefits, and everything that comes with it. The perks are wonderful you say.

 Do what is in your heart, don’t let others live for you, but live for yourself.

Now, let’s remove the false hope, and get down to the bones. You know that this “false hope” isn’t what you truly want. It is a sense of security, but it isn’t your purpose. You know what your purpose in life is.

Your purpose is characterized as Steve Harvey says “What you do the best, with the least amount of effort, but have the most fun doing it.” Your purpose is meant to be figured out by you. Like for me, my purpose is writing, and speaking, and helping others. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. It’s what satisfies me the most, and brings me the greatest amount of joy.

I am just thankful that I made the switch to a purpose driven life. You can also make the switch, but I’m sure you are probably going through the doubt, and the feeling of uncertainty because for so long you’ve been in your comfort zone, and now you’re thinking about making that big plunge.

You might even have told someone close to you about what you’re planning to do, and they probably looked at you like you were a lunatic. They probably tried to find as many ways as possible to convince you on why you should stay at your job, and not go, and try to live a “silly dream.”

Yes it is “silly” because after all it isn’t a “sure thing” right?

It could backfire, and you could fail so badly that you’ll wish you kept your day job.

Well to that I say who cares, the only thing that is of any significance here is your happiness. Your inner well-being, and if you’re a lawyer, and you’re not happy with it because you always wanted to own an ice cream parlor, then I say go for it. Do what is in your heart, don’t let others live for you, but live for yourself.



I repeat, don’t let others live for you, but live for yourself because when you are old, and no longer able to do anything; you wouldn’t want to reflect on your life, and look at it as if you never did what you wanted to do. You wouldn’t want to be a person consumed in a cocoon of regrets, only to now have the thought of “If I pursued my dream, what could have happened?”

Be the best you, and be
the master of your surroundings
because if you don’t do it, then you’ll live a miserable life, even if at the current moment you have a job that society looks at as a great job.

A great job is one that leaves a person fulfilled, and leaves them feeling like it’s their purpose, and that was what they were placed here on earth to do. If you constantly find yourself looking at the clock at work, and dying for the time to come when you’re able to go home, then you might be at a job that isn’t a part of your purpose, and you’re just doing it to stay afloat. Life is too short to keep yourself miserable, while constantly lying to yourself about why you work at that job that you hate so much.. Think about that for a minute..

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