Relationships, and heart-breaks go hand in hand, almost like the morning, and sunlight. They’re a part of human existence, and here we will discuss the feeling of unnerving heartbreak to the point that it feels unrealistic. It weighs in heavy on you, and it can almost become so bad that it’s hard to cope. You know what I mean. The feeling of where you just can’t understand how someone who once claimed to love you, has now become your “new enemy,” or so it seems.

Just examine the relationship, and ask yourself was this really love, or just a deep case of lust.

Dealing with severe heartbreak is really something that can paralyze your day, your week, and even put a sudden halt to everything that you have planned. Below just look at the example given.

  • You don’t want to go anywhere, instead you just want to stay inside, and drown in your heartbreak.
  • You find it hard because all you keep on doing is dwelling on the situation (especially thinking about the happy times) it can become a tough situation to deal with.
  • You’re asking yourself , “How did we get to this point, what did I do wrong?”
  • Nothing seems real, and you would love it, if the person who you loved would just reach out to you.



Some scientist say that the pain of heartbreak is the equivalent to actual physical pain, and truth be told I agree one hundred percent. I know it personally, and it is so painful that you will find yourself deeply “in your head.”

You know the “in your head” feeling right?

If you give yourself too much time to just allow your mind to wander, all that will do is make the situation worst. You’ll get consumed in even more depression, and just become one great ball of stress. You will probably develop a lost of appetite, and even start developing habits that you usually wouldn’t have. Habits like being a chain smoker, smoking cigarette after cigarette, turning into an alcoholic, or even resorting to doing drugs.

Everything, and anything will probably become a temporary escape, as you try to mask your current issue because you’ll find it much easier to do this, rather than face it. The reason why you’ll try to mask it is because outright facing it will be much harder than running away from it. Love is a four letter word filled with so much emotion, and when it goes sour, it now becomes something of a disease that will infect you, and ruin you.

You’ll find yourself constantly thinking about the person that you love, and you’ll also find yourself wondering, if they’re also thinking about you. The answer to this question isn’t one that we would like to hear, but most likely they aren’t.


At this step the last thing you should do is sit around, and worry about getting back your lover, right now you should focus all your energy on repairing your broken heart. It is brutal I know, and trust me, it will take some time, mixed with patience, and putting in the effort to overcome the current hardship that you’re going through.What you should do though, is stay away from social media, or anything that will remind you of the person who broke your heart. Right now is the healing process, maybe in due time you’ll reconcile, but right now you shouldn’t even worry about that. Your main focus should be on trying to repair your broken-heart, and picking up the pieces so that you will become a better person, even better than you were before you started this relationship that has now left you in emotional turmoil.



You better learn to cope, and deal with it, or the situation will deal with you. You’re going to have a long recovery (especially if the relationship lasted for a few years) but right now the healing starts. The more that you choose not to deal with your current reality, then all you’re going to do is just make the pain worst. It is like adding salt to a wound, and you surely wouldn’t want salt added to this devastating heartbreak  would you?



This might be the hardest part of them all, moving on when your heart is telling you no, I’m not ready, but mentally your mind is telling you that moving on would be the best thing to do. Sometimes the heart, and the mind can be at war with each other. You might have to come to the realization that this person who you think is right for you, really isn’t. Just examine the relationship, and ask yourself, “was this really love, or just a deep case of lust?” Was it true, or were you just deeply infatuated? If you can answer these questions truthfully, then you will know if moving on is in your best interest. Sometimes you’ll even need an extra opinion from a friend, or even a family member who were close to you, and who knew your significant other. At this moment they might even say “I never thought he/she was good for you,” truth be told they might even tell you that they never even liked your significant other in the first place, and the only reason that they never told you that was because they didn’t want to disrupt your happiness, and they just went along with your decision to date this person.

With everything being said, if you went back to this person, do you think it would be the  same?

If they cheated would you be able to forgive them?

Ponder on this, and see if you can come to grips with the facts that caused your breakup in the first place.

Your happiness matters, and would you really be happy getting back with this person because right now you’re coming from a perspective of a person who is hurt, and right now you’re unable to make a conscious rational decision. So, take some time to build yourself up, and recover, and clear your mind.

You need to be able to handle this tough time because once you get through it, then you’ll become stronger.

Please remember that tough times, and tough situations make people stronger depending on how you handle the situation.





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