Why are you still dreaming, and not focusing on a true reality, yes I’m talking to you. I understand that you have  a dream, but when will you just wake up, and realize the dream is just an illusion. There is no way that you stand a chance at making it in this highly competitive world.

Look I’m not trying to deter you from going after your dreams, but I don’t want you to invest time, and money into something that will probably never really manifest the way that you want it to. Remember that those “people” who you see that made it, were lucky, and they probably were just at the right place at the right time, or they knew the right person.

What makes you think that you really have a chance?

Why do you think that you can make it?

I’m not trying to burst your bubble here, but I want you to just think with a real rational mind here. Did anyone in your family make it like how they wanted to?

Speaking of your family; you don’t even come from a family that is well-connected, so why do you have this false ideal, thinking that someone like you can actually become successful?

Now, we should just focus on having “good jobs” that are guaranteed, with zero risk involved. You’ll actually have a better chance of living comfortably, and not worrying if tomorrow you’ll have money to pay your bills. Settle yourself, and just do this instead of attempting to take on such a huge task of trying to make it. Well you can make it, but let’s just focus on you trying to make it at a job with a good pension, and an even greater benefits package to match. Now, that will be a better route for you. You’ll have everything once you’re able to retire.

Yes, you’ll work for a long time, but it won’t be that long when you really think about it because you’ll have your vacation days throughout your career at this “good job,” so don’t worry about a thing. Everything will be alright, and you will be well taken cared of. You’re way too old now to go on with this little dream of yours. You can’t risk not having true “job security,” so just listen to me, and look at the great union that you’ll be able to join.


Ok, now let me get in the mix here. You see what’s written above, I’m sure you probably encounter folks like this. They are probably people who “care” for you, but don’t care too much about your dreams. The purpose of me writing the above words was to express how the ones closest to us, will sometimes be the ones who can’t see the vision like how we can. They can become the same individuals who will probably talk you out of your dreams. They’ll probably convince you on why you shouldn’t even go after your dreams.

Depending on how strong your will is, maybe their convincing will work, maybe it won’t. Hopefully you stand firm, and even when people are trying to talk you out of it; you still stick with it. You still keep your heart with what  it wants you to follow. Your passion is a reflection of your personality, a reflection of who you are, and it shows what you love the most. Never let a person take you away from your passion. Stand strong, and keep going on.

It will get harder than you ever imagined, but you must not let the difficult times control you. The difficult times will be the moments that will shape your character, and make you into either a greater person, or tear you down, and once you’re torn down; you’ll  become a weakling. Choose wisely here. Your choice will determine the outcome of your life.

People who mean you no good shouldn’t influence you in any major life decision. You are the only one that should direct your life’s path. So if someone was to ask you the question of “why do you believe that you’re really going to make it?”

Your answer should be, I know I’m going to make it because my life depends on it. No one will prevent me from going on, and reaching success.


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