Perception is everything in life, and the way that we perceive ourselves often determines how we feel about ourselves. Sometimes people will think they’re not good enough for multiple reasons. They’ll allow self-doubt to form within them, and it becomes a prison that traps them in a cell of mediocrity. You’ll never escape, if you don’t have a greater perception of yourself.

Always walk with your chin up because if you keep it down that’s exactly where you’ll go in life.

People telling you to believe in yourself, is easier said that done for many of us, so plenty of individuals will go through life just trying to find their way, almost like a nomad unable to really find their true self. If you’re in this dilemma it can only cause you serious problems. It is a major problem because you’ll let your dreams die, and your fears will live. Everything that you fear will be what will hold you back. Quite often, we will program our minds to believe our current reality.

You know what I mean, if your current reality is in a place of lack, and somewhat looks hopeless, we might start to believe that is where life will remain, and there is probably no real possibility of ever leaving this current reality. Don’t let what you’re going through now form into the end-result of what your life will become. Currently everything is just happening. It should  just be taken as lessons, and also motivation to drive you into the direction where you really want to be.

  • If you want to change your current reality, first change who you hang around.

The people in which you hang around, can possibly be the very same individuals who are toxic. You might have to change your group of friends altogether in order to change the perception of yourself. Everyone that comes in your life might be there for a reason, but remember everyone doesn’t have to stay in your life, especially if they aren’t bringing any real value to your life.

  • Keep your personal goals to yourself.

Never expose what you’re doing because sometimes people who are “jealous” will try to speak negativity into your life, and attempt to convince you on why you shouldn’t go for your goals, and in return this might make you actually believe them over a period of time.

  • Act as if you’re the only person alive.

To some people this might sound selfish, but sometimes you can’t change the world, and help the world, if you’re not first in a real position to help yourself. It’s almost like you can’t attempt to fix someones else’s home, if your home isn’t first in order.

Don’t over-think your reality, if you don’t like your current reality, then all you have to do is start putting in all the steps that will add to a end-result that will change your current reality for the better. All that you seek, will be yours once you have a clear goal in mind, and possess a certain attitude about yourself that can’t be broken, even if someone tries their hardest to break you.

Always walk with your chin up because if you keep it down that’s exactly where you’ll go in life. Nothing worth having comes easy, so take the hard road now because in the future it will only get easier because you have chosen to take the hard road at the current moment, and didn’t try to start with the easy road.

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