We are in a new world, a world that is always changing at a fast pace. A world that you might not remember, if you don’t keep yourself up to date, but as the world changes, and as new days pass us. We still have people who will choose to blame others for their “lack.”

Whether it’s their lack of ambition, their lack of motivation, or their lack of money. They’ll still blame others for why they haven’t achieved anything. No matter the situation, always remember that you are the one in charge of your life. Everything will come crashing down on your shoulders, so you can either choose the pathway to greatness, or walk down the road of despair. Things will happen that will turn into setbacks, and that’s because “Murphy’s law” happens at the worst times.

you are the one who can make your life heaven, or you can make it hell

The moments when we want everything to go great, it seems like they become the moments when everything gets shaken up, and what we thought would be great, now becomes absolute turmoil. Now, I know the feeling, and this comes with life because life isn’t quite predictable at times like how we would want it to be.

Life will be great one minute, and then the next minute everything will turn upside down. Everything will seem like it’s now falling out-of-place, and all that you may have planned is now going to hell in an instance. If everything isn’t going how you planned, don’t worry because what matters now is what you’ll do next.

Always hold yourself accountable, and never blame someone else for your problems, even if it isn’t your fault. The reason why is because if you develop an attitude that allows you to hold yourself accountable; you’ll then develop an attitude that allows you to come up with solutions to your problems, and this type of attitude will become helpful to you because you’ll become known as a real problem solver.

If you don’t hold yourself accountable, then you’ll only develop an attitude in which you’ll blame someone  else for all of your problems. You’ll use this always blaming someone else as the easy route out of any issue that you may be facing, and eventually you’ll develop an attitude that doesn’t hold yourself accountable at all.

Remember you are the one who can make your life heaven, or you can make it hell. If someone comes into your life, and they’re trying to create confusion, and turmoil you can easily remove yourself from around that person, but if you create the turmoil, and confusion in your own life, then it would be quite difficult to remove yourself from your own life.

You see where I’m going here?

Build yourself into a person who takes accountability for everything that goes on in your life, this will turn you into a diamond in the rough over time, and eventually you’ll never point your fingers at someone else, or blame someone else for any of your problems.

You’ll leave blaming others for people who aren’t as great thinking as you are. You can’t afford to waste time, and by choosing to blame others, that would only waste valuable time that you need because time wasted will never return to you. You must take charge of your actions, and by doing so you’ll ultimately take charge of your life.

Lead yourself, and others will join you on your journey because leaders attract the best of the best, so first you have to make yourself become the best, and once you do so, all else will fall in place exactly the way that you want it to.


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