In the United States today we’re facing a serious crisis. We’re facing an epidemic that no one seems to address. No one is really talking about what we’re currently facing because people are too worried about things that don’t really matter. We have turned into a society that is easily blinded by the media, and have become a society where only a few independent thinkers still exist.

You have to always make time for the development of your child’s mind because if not they’ll only develop into another “worker.”

It seems like everyone has now become robots, following the same formula that has been a proven recipe for disaster. A recipe that just creates more “production line workers,” instead of creating creative thinkers who think outside the box. What I’m talking about here is the education system in the United States. The curriculum is quite outdated, and isn’t going to equip anyone for the “new world” that we’re currently living in.

This is what school won’t teach you; they won’t teach you to think outside the box because in today’s world the public school system just teaches us how to go along with the flow. It teaches you how to think like everyone else, and how to be a “good worker.”

Even if you don’t have any kids,  you can still become a great mentor.

The public school system in this country has turned into a factory assembly line of students that it turns out to be productive “employees.”

Yes great “employees” who are only created to feed the system, and to become, well to say the least, functioning slaves to a system that you’ll always need. That is why the school system doesn’t teach kids to be entrepreneurs because an entrepreneur thinks differently, and functions in a way that is their own way. To think with your own thoughts is somewhat a taboo in our society.

People are constantly told to be the same as everyone else, that’s why people follow trends, it can get so bad that if someone does take the risk, and breaks free of the mold they’re instantly labelled “weird,” or looked down upon as if there was something wrong with them choosing to be different.

The school system has turned into a sham, now don’t get me wrong, yes school is needed, and yes every kid should, and are supposed to go to school, but once they come home; it is up to the parent to program their mind in the right direction.

So many parents are short on time in today’s world, but trust me here; you must find the time to shape your kid’s mind because if you don’t, they’ll wind-up thinking like everyone else. They’ll lack the ability to freely think in a way that would make them solve real world problems that might affect their lives, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want your child to wind-up like that.

You have to always make time for the development of your child’s mind because if not they’ll only develop into another “worker.”

Another member of the labor force who probably had bigger dreams, and greater potential, but never had the opportunity to nurture their potential, so that it can grow into something greater. School is a great starting point in life, but it certainly isn’t a last stop. Even if you don’t have any kids,  you can still become a great mentor to someone who you see needs to be mentored, so that they are able to bring out their greatest potential.

We all know that the school system isn’t going to teach them to be the best that they can be, and master
every situation in life that they might find themselves in.

This is what the schools of today will teach you.

  • You’ll be another consumer.
  • You’ll be another worker, in the labor force.
  • You won’t know nothing more than the basics.
  • You’ll be taught how to follow, and just do as you’re told.
  • You’ll be taught not to follow your dreams.

This is what the schools of today won’t teach you.

  • You’ll never learn how to be an entrepreneur in school.
  • You’ll never learn how to think outside the box.
  • You’ll never be looked upon as a great if you go against the standard curriculum.
  • You won’t learn that the world is meant to be explored, not to slave your life away in a cubicle.
  • You won’t learn that if you miss out on enjoying life, you’ll wind-up with a miserable life.

I am a person who believes in having a great education, but sometimes you have to do the extra things, and go beyond if you want to see what’s beyond the normal things that average people enjoy.

If you’re reading this, then you know that “average,” isn’t good enough, so make your life beyond average, and always develop an “obsession with excellence.”


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