It’s that time of the year again, and although with the seasons changing, and warmer times are coming our way. We are still in the midst of where so many people are still being tricked into believing the same old story. They believe the same lie that has been regurgitated throughout the years about success.

The same formula of going to school, get a “good job,” and retire when they’re old, and then all their financial issues will be solved.

There is no pleasure, or happiness in being a corporate slave.

What a bad way of thinking.

Now, I want you to note that going to school, and getting a good job isn’t bad if that’s what you desire, and in all fairness, we do know that there are some jobs in which school is required, but these aren’t just “some jobs,” they’re rewarding careers in which you’ll make a difference.

If you wanted to be a lawyer, or a doctor for an example, yes school would be needed, but we aren’t talking about those prestigious professions here, when we speak about school not being necessary. We’re talking about what’s the purpose of getting all these degrees, if you wind-up working in a deli?

Is getting all these degrees, and being waist high in student loan debt truly worth it?

I think not.

Maybe at first you thought you knew what you really wanted, but then you realized you didn’t want it as bad as you thought you did. You weren’t as dedicated as you initially expected, well maybe you were just dedicated for the student loan debt, but anyway don’t fool yourself here.

Don’t fool yourself into believing the lies that you’ve been told growing up. There is no pleasure, or happiness in being a corporate slave, especially when you know that within you; you’re better than this job that you’re currently doing. You know that you are greater than it, but all your life you’ve been told that you can’t do anything better than what you’re doing. Or should I say you’ve been programmed in a direction that keeps the cycle of relying on your next paycheck as your primary form of support.

We all have been fooled by society, and by people who try to influence us into just settling for the mediocre lifestyle. I can’t blame them either because they themselves have also been fooled, and the cycle just keeps on going.

It is kind of like a never-ending cycle, and it only ends when you as the individual chooses to break free.

It only ends when you make the conscious decision to break the chains of a limited mind, and openly embrace the freedom that you can have, if you choose to make a major difference in your own life. Think about what you can do for yourself, and now make it a reality.

Your boss at that job you hate is probably playing you as a fool. Society is probably playing you as a fool, and you probably can’t take it anymore.

Don’t let anyone take you for a fool. Don’t be the April fool every day of the week. You should choose to not be in that category. It’s time that you choose to step out, and become better than that. As I stated before you must not be a April’s fool, and instead develop into an all around masterpiece.

If you remain a fool in today’s world, then that is only because you chose to be one. Be the
and not the fool.



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