We have those moments in life where we want to tell people about what we have going on, and yes it’s absolutely normal to want to share good news, or even a good idea, but  sometimes that can create an issue.

Well what can the issue be?

Glad you asked, the issue is sometimes people don’t have your best interest, so sharing the great things you want to accomplish probably isn’t the best thing to do.

You ever told someone how you had big plans, and immediately you saw their attitude change?

I mean their attitude probably became really negative, and you just couldn’t understand why they would act this way towards your dreams.

Well, I’m here to tell you, just in case you needed some positive reinforcement.

This is why it’s best to keep your dreams to yourself.


1. People who have no vision won’t understand what you’re saying.

Ok, this one shouldn’t be hard for you to understand, and if it is I hope that once I explain it, you’ll be able to see where I’m coming from here. People who have no vision are hard to talk to, especially if you have visionary ideas.

Alright, imagine Elon Musk worked at a call center, and he spoke to a co-worker who possessed no vision, but he kept telling his co-worker about how one day he’ll start spaceX and no longer work there, and how he’ll build electric cars. I’m sure the co-worker would look at Elon Musk like he was crazy, and probably would fan him off as just a dreamer.

You see when you deal with people who possess no vision, and you tell them your plans, or what you want to do with your life, it’s kind of like speaking a foreign language because they’ll never understand. They will never be able to see it the way that you do. All they’ll be able to see is when is the next payday at their mediocre job.

The language isn’t the same.


2. They will try to talk you out of it.

You might come across a “dream killer,” who will make it their priority to talk you out of your dream. They might even show you examples of other people who failed.

They are the kind of folks that I would urge you to stay away from because in the end, they mean you no good at all. They’ll do everything in their power to make you wind-up depressed, and stressed just like them.


3. You’ll never be able to get solid advice, unless they have been in your shoes.

Unless the person you are telling your dreams to has already been where you are, it’s a waste of time. If they can’t give you solid advice like a mentor would, then speaking your dreams to them makes no sense at all. You would have a better chance talking to a cardboard box.

Speak your dreams into existence, but first speak it to yourself only, and by your action; you’ll go after the desired result that you want, and that will be your best friend.

Speak it to someone else, and it might be dead before it was  even brought to life. Watch who you speak to about your dreams because everyone doesn’t have your best interest in mind, in fact the majority of people want you to fail.

Think about that one because if you let those who want you to fail become the ones that influence you, then you might wind-up working a miserable job for years, hoping that you have a nice 401k to retire with.



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