The constant hustle of a day job that is just taking you from being the person who you know you are, or who you know what you’re meant to be. I mean don’t the constant hustle (especially if it’s not what you love) feels like you’re trapped. Let’s look at a average work day here.

You wake up, you get ready for work, and then you leave the house and head to work.

Now, here is where the commute begins, the commute that if you pay close attention you’ll see some of the most miserable people, and when I say “miserable,” if you’re as observant as I am then you’ll know exactly what I mean.


While on the commute you’ll come across people who look angry, pissed off, and just unfulfilled. You’ll see people who are clearly going to jobs that they totally despise, and almost every thought in their mind is how they “wish” they were able to leave this horrible job.

You probably go online, and try to escape from your horrible existence by looking at the “good life.”

Alright so now you’re on the commute, and once you arrive at your job, this is where the “fun” starts.

You’re at work being “dictated to,” well that’s what happens all the time right?

The manager is being told what to do, and the assistant manager is being told what to do by the manager, who is being told what to do by his/her superiors, and then it all trickles down back to you.

You probably think to yourself “why am I even here?” Then you think about your “Bills,” and then reality brings you back to why you’re there.

The day sucks, all you keep on thinking about is how you just want to “win the lottery,” and how you don’t  even want to be around, but instead you are around. You’re around dealing with  a situation that isn’t the best, but somehow you still deal with it.

Every day you tell yourself how you’re going to quit, but somehow you’re still holding on. You’re spending the day constantly looking at the clock, and when the time finally comes to leave, it feels so good.

Now the commute home starts, and what do you see?

You probably see an endless amount of people who are tired and burnt out from a “long” work day.

This my friends is no way to live a life. This is no way to go about trying to be great when all you keep on doing is complaining about how things aren’t going well.

It is very hard when you live an existence that is one that you wish you never lived.

You probably go online, and try to escape from your horrible existence by looking at the “good life,” you look and wish.

Well let me try to help you here. Wishing will never work. Hold on, maybe it will “if you’re lucky,” but let’s not try to create a life that is only based on “luck.”

When you’re sick, and tired of being sick, eventually you get to the point where something has to give. You’ll reach the point where you start to think that there has to be more out there. There has to be a better way, and there is.

You can master
your life
, and quit being the slave to the commute you take to a job that you hate, but you stick with it because of a myriad of reasons.

Amazing people aren’t meant to stay in the same position all their life. Amazing people are meant to do amazing things, so if you’re really sick and tired of being sick and tired, then use that attitude of discontent as your fuel to get your motivational engine going.

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