Money takes on many forms, and it can mean many different things to many different individuals. To some it might mean travel the world, to others it might mean buy a bunch of “stuff,” and what not, but what does it truly mean to you?

It should be a means to an end.

When you answer this question effectively then you’ll be on the right track to really understanding your purpose. The “why” that gets you going, the purpose that you have, and just exactly what gets you ticking.

The reason that I ask this question is because so many people will “work” for money. So many people are stuck sacrificing their precious time for a few bucks.

How do you value your time? 

How do you see yourself, or how do you want to see yourself? 

Are you currently satisfied with your level of income? 

You see these are all real questions because once you fully understand the meaning of money, then you’ll change your life, and proceed to create your life in a way that will compliment the type of lifestyle that you really desire for yourself.

So what I mean is, if  you’re working hourly, and getting the current pay that you’re getting, well that’s what you created in your life.

Whether you’ll agree or disagree this is the truth. You created that level of income in your life because that is what you view yourself as, although you might think differently about what I just said.

So, what I’m trying to say is this. If you really want to have a different life, then you must create a different attitude toward money.

What money means to me is time.

I know that I don’t want to live a life where I’m trading my time for money, so now I know that I must make the money so that I can get my life back.

I am not too interested in buying fancy cars, or getting rich to show-off like some might be.

What more interests me is having the time to spend with my loved ones. Having the time to explore the world and share unique experiences with those who I really care about.


The time to do what I want, when I want means everything to me, so that’s why I know that money will be my savior.

It should be a means to an end, not just a way to continue the perpetual employee existence.

Once you really figure out what money means to you, then you’ll be able to understand life, and understand your life from a different perspective.

Some people want to earn money so that they can inflate their ego, and treat others like they’re beneath them, while you have others who understand that money is just another helpful resource that will help them do something great for mankind, and help them do everything great that they may have envisioned in their mind.

Identify what money really means to you, and then you’ll be able to really see yourself in a new world, and you’ll refresh your dreams in ways you have never thought.

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