So now is the moment where you should reflect on every situation you were in. Look at your current position in life, and ask yourself, “am I currently happy with my life?” 

I say that because if you dread the morning, and love the weekends, then you might have a serious problem on your hands.

If you aren’t happy with Monday, then that should make you know that it’s time to take back your life. Take the control in your hands, and do all that you know you must do, so that your life is ran on your terms.

Of course it might sound hard, but nothing is really hard, if you’re serious at taking control, and being  a true winner.


How many people do you see on a regular basis who are absolutely miserable?

Are you one of those miserable folks?

You see people who are constantly miserable, and who are constantly complaining have no control of their life.

The first step in actually taking back your life is first admitting you aren’t to blame anyone for where your life currently is.

Take control of your problems, and never point any blame on others, if you’re at a job that absolutely sucks, then it’s no one’s fault but your own. If you are currently unsatisfied with the salary that you’re earning, then whose fault is it?

be so good that you are having amazing breakthroughs and pushing away at every setback.

Don’t blame the boss, point the blame at yourself because deep down you know that you can do better, but in a way you settled because you’re kind of stuck in a comfort zone.

The comfort zone is no good, and it will make you submit to a life that you know you’re better than. A life that you shouldn’t live because you’re better than your current situation.

We all know that sometimes “life happens,” but get yourself up and ready because if you allow life to “always happen”, then you’ll allow yourself to be placed in the “ranks of the average.” Those are ranks that I’m sure you wouldn’t be happy joining.

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The “ranks of the average” is filled with people who complain, and who are as miserable as you could imagine. For someone such as yourself; you should know that you can’t allow yourself to join those ranks.

This is why this thing called life is a game within itself because those who play it to win are in fact the ones who come out as the real winners. They enjoy every aspect of life, and are financially independent.

The winners know how to live, while everyone else who remain average just spectate in life, and never “actively participate.”

The winners participate, and take every piece of their life, and never just allow it to happen.  It might seem like a hard road, but nothing worth it is easy.

Nothing that comes great will be handed to you, but instead you have to step up, and bring out your greatness, be so good that you are having amazing breakthroughs and pushing away at every setback.

The cost of living an average life is more expensive than being free or chasing freedom.


An average life will make you lose sleep(from being overworked and stressed.)

An average life is repetitive, and it isn’t challenging.

So, it’s fair to say that an average life is quite undesirable if you’re a person who knows you’re out for greatness.

You are in the driver’s seat when you make the conscientious decision to take back your life.

You really want your life back?

Then now you must take the baby steps, and then you’ll have the big breakthroughs that you desire.

one thing, and as you go on; you’ll eventually master your life.

The road isn’t as tough, or as rough as you may believe.

The only thing that really matters here is that you’re on the road to greatness, so that you can be the real master of your life.

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