Many years ago, or should I say centuries ago the slave trade was over, literally owning a physical human as a slave was abolished. The master
and the slave plantation society was outlawed. Well so “they say,” but really the master
, and the slave system has never died.


Today, we have a social system that was put in place, in order to keep people structured right?

your work place is setup like a small plantation.


Well I’m going to dive right into this, and point out why the master
, and the slave  still exist today in our so-called “free” society.


One thing I can say though is that before we carry on, if you really want to be free, you can become free, but first you must make the conscious decision to wake up, and see that your freedom, is yours. If you can see your personal Independence day. Then your Emancipation day is closer than you may think.


If you are constantly stressed, because you go to a work environment that absolutely has you questioning why you show up, but then you think about your bank account, and your bills then certainly you now form your answer on why you show up, and come to work.


Once you’re there you look at your co-workers, and start to see people who will double-cross, back-stab, and do anything to prove their loyalty to the company.


These are people who you’ll also think about as people who you wish you weren’t around. You probably wish that you had a better way, a way that will give you the opportunity that you really wanted, so that you don’t have to comeback.


Everyone at the job gets on your nerves, and now you have a boss who is an absolute pain.  A boss who you can’t stand, and then you have those co-workers who will “act right,” when the boss comes around, and you see them “kiss up,” and even become total kiss asses.


In your mind you know that you can’t be a “suck up,” you know that you’re just here for the paycheck. The job is your master
, and you are a slave to a job that doesn’t define who you are as a person. You’re just a wage slave.


A slave who accepts the comfort of a paycheck from a master
that you totally despise.

You know that you’re unfulfilled, but you are stuck in a position that you wished you  never were in, you’re stuck with spending a large amount of time in a place that you hate, you’re stuck spending precious time with people who you wish you never had to be around.


This is no life, your work place is setup like a small plantation where people who were once regular employees feel like they are now better than everyone else, once they receive a promotion. Once the master gives them a better job  title on the plantation they now feel like they are no-longer a slave.


In fact, they’re still a slave, just one with a little bit more authority, but they aren’t free.

Even the person who is a “manager” at the job is still a slave. You slave and slave, and no matter how hard you work you will only be a working slave.


You’re good chattel to the company that you work for, and you are just another number. Just another number to count, and you’re easily replaceable with a new number because the master knows that there are tons of people out there to be their new slaves.



Every single day a new slave is brought into the slave trade of today. They work at jobs that is unsatisfying, unrewarding, and just unfulfilling.


So, if you can relate to what I just described; welcome to today’s form of slavery. This is modern day slavery, and you are a modern day slave if you’re stuck in a work routine, and a work place environment that you can’t control. Life sucks when you are living this type of life.


Once you think about the other side where the master
 reigns. You know this is a side of life where you want to be on.

The master
really owns the company, the master
is able to call the shots. The master
can come to work whenever the master
chooses to do so.


They have control of their life. They have a serious dedication with excellency. They are focused and driven, and life is what they enjoy.


You see when you are the master
, then you are in charge of everything. You are financially independent, and you are able to run your life as you see fit.


Being the master comes with some wonderful perks.

Freedom of the open road.


  • You’ll earn more.
  • You’ll add more value to your life, and to the lives of others.
  • You’ll become the owner of your destiny, by not working for no one , but yourself.
  • You’ll also have control of your time.

The value of time is the best thing. Once you no longer trade your time for an hourly wage; you will have more time in your life to see your true worth, and enjoy your time as you like.

I’m here to tell you that it can happen, but first you must choose to escape your current enslavement. You have to make it clear to yourself that you’re doing this for your future. You’re doing this so that you can taste freedom, and no longer dedicate your time and energy at a place where you have no growth.

You must tell yourself that you’re going to part ways with this current life, and get acquainted with one that you’re happy with.


In today’s day we can actually create opportunity for ourselves. The internet, and modern technology has made it possible for people to do things, that in previous years would probably have been impossible.

The world has surely changed, and people who remain as slaves choose to do so. Even if you have the thought of freedom, but you choose to not pursue it, then you have chosen to keep yourself as an active slave.


If you have a dream make sure you’re actively pursuing it, even if it might be only for one hour of the day because working your 40 hour a week job is taking out the majority of your time.

Remember if you work at least one hour a day on your dream; you’re still closer than the average person who chooses to do nothing, and just complain about life. Baby steps will eventually become walking that will turn into running, and soon you’ll be a runaway slave.


You’ll run away from the plantation life, and create your own thing, and now the slave has become the master


It all starts with how much faith you have in yourself, and if you really believe in yourself then it will show with your level of dedication. People who really believe in themselves are the ones who become rags-to-riches stories.


Now think on that for a second.







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