When it comes to getting what we want from life, one must remember that you must be actively going after what you desire, but there are also other things that you can do on the subconscious level that will drastically impact your life on the physical level. 

Like for instance, you must program your mind in a way that your mind believes that your desire is already done. You have to convince your mind that you are more than your current circumstances, and what you want to happen will happen. 

The story that your mind has already been told, must be rewritten and you must write it in a way that will benefit you in every way possible. 

Today, I am going to share a great technique that you must practice and it will help you manifest small things in your life.  

Now, the reason why I use the term “small things” is because you must first start out small.

If you went to the gym; you would first have to start exercising with a light amount of weight before you can increase the weight. 

Your body would have to first become accustomed to the gradual repetition of your exercise, and over a period of time; you would know when it’s time to increase the weight. 

Well that is what we are going to do here, but only with your most powerful muscle, and that powerful muscle is your mind. 

We are going to open up your mind, and allow your desires to pour out of your subconscious mind, and program it in a way so that it brings in what you desire. After two weeks or so, if you do this exercise exactly the way that it’s explained, then you will certainly master

You will start to see a change, and you will eventually obtain, or get closer to your desire. 

First, I’m going to say that you must start off small with what you’re trying to manifest. 

Don’t say that you want a million dollars, and then get mad if it doesn’t appear overnight.  

You can get the million dollars, but that will take much deeper steps; you must first get this beginner step down pack. The reason why is because once you advance with this method, and you fully develop your mind, then you’ll be able to program your actions to go according with your mind. 

Once your actions are programmed, then you’ll put in every effort needed to gain the million dollars that you desire. 

You see what I’m saying here? 

Well if not, at this moment it doesn’t matter because as we continue these classes on manifestation you will eventually see just exactly what I mean. 

Ok without no further ado let’s get to it. 

I want you to think of something that would make you happy if you received it right now, it could be anything that you currently desire. 

It can be a new job, starting your online business, or even finding a significant other. Think about it greatly. 

Now freeze this thought in your mind for a while. You must keep this thought frozen in your mind for one whole day. 

The reason why you must keep this thought frozen in your mind, and at the center of your thinking is because if 24 hours from now you are still passionate about this thought, and can go through your day no matter how hectic it may be, and still have enthusiasm for this thought, then you’re on the right track. 

Now, on the next day once you wake-up and go to the mirror make sure once you look in the mirror, whisper this thought to yourself. 

This part is important because what you’re doing is programming yourself to focus on your desire the first thing in the morning. It is at this stage where your mind is fresh, this first thought and what you say to yourself while looking in the morning is the most important. 

It’s the most important because this will set the tone of your day, hence why they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 

You are now giving your brain a real important meal. 

Once you have done this, try to find a quiet place (if possible) to sit. 

Have a glass of clear water by you. (I will tell you later the significance of the glass of clear water when it comes to helping you with your manifestations.) 

Now sit down, and just place the glass off clear water in front of you. Speak your desires into the water, and then dip your finger in the water, and gently tap the middle of your forehead with some of the water, all while keeping what you desire, and spoke into the water on your mind. 

You must keep the thought of what you want, and of what you spoke about in the mirror on your mind. 

This will help program your mind.  

The reason for the water is because water is nature’s most natural resource, it is what helps to make life on earth possible, and you’re using this same life source to help and make your desire possible. 

Now, what I want you to do next is just sit for at least five minutes, and repeat this affirmation. 

“I am (depending on what you are asking for is how you finish this sentence, but it must start with I am) 


So, for example if you wanted a new job you would say “I am employed at wall street,” or if you wanted a new significant other you would say “I am with her/him, I am happy and in a loving relationship.” 

The reason why you use “I am” is because that is the name of GOD. In the bible in the book of exodus GOD said “I am what I am.”  

Us human beings are the divine source of everything, so by you stating what you are, and what you already have; you are now creating the push in your subconscious mind to believe it. So, if someone thought they were unworthy, and lacked the confidence needed to go on, it’s because they programmed themselves to believe so. 

You must retype the story that you already created for yourself, and this little exercise, or assignment will help you.  

I’m going to leave it here, but please subscribe and share this because this is only the first step on your journey to manifesting your true desires in life. 

Please note that you must do this exercise at least for two weeks before you start seeing movement, and results, if your will is strong enough, then you might see results sooner, but after three months of doing this; you’ll be able to move on to the second stage. 

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