Today I’m going to attempt to let you understand the power of your mindset. Your mindset is everything, it shapes every aspect of your life. 

You might currently hate your life, but up to this point that’s what your mindset created whether you were aware of it or not.

The difference between a successful person, and an unsuccessful person all lies within their mindset.

You ever been around people who constantly complain?

They’ll probably always have a complaint about everything.

People who think like problem solvers are the people who will essentially have the glory in life. Click To Tweet

They’ll complain about their job, they’ll complain about not making as much money as they want, they’ll complain and complain, but do nothing to change their life.

They’ll place all their vital energy into complaining, and they’ll never see that the solution to their complaints is based on their own actions. All their problems can be solved, but instead they’ll complain.

As I write about in my book “Be
the master of your surroundings,”
these people are the “complainer class.” 

Unfortunately, this complainer class is in the majority.

They’ll complain even when it’s a hot day, and complain about how it’s too hot, and how they want it cooler, but then when it gets cooler, and possibly frigid; they’ll then complain about how they miss the summer heat.

This mindset is the mindset of a failure, and everyone know who is mentally awoken knows this.

A person who just gave up on life, and has a complete “Broke mentality” 
 is a person who will just allow life to pass them by.

The “Employee mind state,” is quite debilitating and uninspiring. When a person hates their job, and even when they aren’t at the job, they’re complaining about how they hate their job, and wish they never went back to work because of how they hate it, well if this fits you, or someone you know then that’s a serious problem.

It’s a problem because this job you hate has now turned into a reason for you to justify why you hate that aspect of your life. 

Erase that way of thinking, and think about this.

Picture instead of saying how you hate your job; you would see it as a stepping stone to get you where you want to be. This is just one hurdle on your road to success.  You have to go to this job as part of your journey to success.

When you think like this; you’ll start to think like a successful person, and eventually you’ll become one because your actions will coincide with your thoughts.

People who think low of themselves will look at their average job, and think this is it.

They’ll become so beaten down mentally that they’ll accept a complainer’s attitude, and they’ll gather with friends, or co-workers who are also complainers and their conversations will sound like one big complaint.

While, a person who is successful, or driven will think differently, they’ll always want to be a problem solver, and come up with solutions.

This is because they think differently, and this way of thinking will sometimes make them an outsider around certain crowds, but they aren’t worried about that.

They’re worried about improving their lives, and also improving the quality of life for everyone who they come across.

Great people are more like problem solvers, look at all the great minds, and look at how they solved problems to a certain situation, and it return their solution has allowed all of humanity to benefit.

Thomas Edison solved the problem of how we can have a better source of lite. 

Mark Zuckerberg solved the problem of how people can reconnect, or stay connected no matter where in the world they may live.

See countless solutions were made, or are being made, and people who think like problem solvers are the people who will essentially have the glory in life.

So, if you can make through the fire, and deal with the pain to see your dreams become great, and manifest then you will see your dreams come to life on the other side, the moment that you exit this ring of fire that you’re walking through.

Now, the real question is, are you ready to make the sacrifice that will give you the ideal life that you deserve?

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