God the creator of the universe, the all-powerful being who is known throughout many cultures. 

Some call him Yahweh, some call him Jehovah, Jah, Allah. He is always referred to as a man, hence why many will say “He,” and not “she.” 

No matter what religion you may claim, that is just a title. It is a title that was created by man, and designed to keep you in check, following rules given by man to govern your life. 

The god who understands your life.

Right now, you must unlearn all the dogma that you have been taught, and learn how to tap into the god that lies within you. 

The god that is the creator of their world, and the one who can do remarkable things. 

“I am who I am” Exodus 3:14  

Who are you? 

Well if you are what you are, and if you believe in what you are, then that is exactly what you become; this means that you should know you are a god. 

Nothing less than a being on earth who can shape, and mold your own future. 

You have to let yourself know that you are the star that sits in the sky, and your mind is capable of doing some wonderful things.


When you start to look within yourself that is when you’ll see that the world you create for yourself within your mind can be the world that you make into your reality. 

A reality where happiness is the foundation, and you do all that is necessary to ensure that you equip yourself with all the mental tools to make your life one where you are copious and encumbered with joy. 

When you do this. 

All your days are met with excitement, and you have no day of the week that you totally despise.  

The possibilities that you have, and the potential that lies within you is something that only you can bring to life with a deep amount of determination, and motivation. 

Only you can see that you can blossom into the god that rules your world. The god who understands your life, and the one who brings happiness. 

Lead your way, and you will lead yourself in a direction that gives you a life of happiness, and fulfillment. 

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