Success is something that everyone dreams about, but only a few will really take that leap, and go for it. Think about this for one second. Look at how many people that speak about success, in fact everyone wants to be successful. 

Now, wait a minute, let’s first define success because what one person might consider success another might not. A truly successful person is a person who is doing what they love. So, if you always wanted to be a teacher, a police officer, a garbage man or even an entrepreneur, once you’re in a field you always wanted to be in, then you are successful. 

Money doesn’t really define success, waking up happy, and feeling fulfilled each and every day is what truly defines real success.  

With that being said, let’s jump into the financial success. I think it’s fair to say that in our society, in every culture, country or any major big city on earth money plays a major factor. 

People rake up tons on student loan death in hopes of going into a career that’s promising, and probably high paying. 

People will use their hard-earned money to buy lottery ticket after lottery ticket, hoping and praying that one day they hit the lottery. 

You see most people want money, but they take the route of maybe I’ll win the lottery. We have tons of people in today’s society who just sit-back, and dream about it. They dream, but also play the lottery, and hope that they might “win” some money. 

These folks hope that they get “lucky,” and come across some money. Then you’ll have the folks who will risk it all. They’ll take their life into their own hands because the second option for them isn’t one they would want. 

The second option is working for someone. These folks are entrepreneurs who will risk being broke momentarily to live a life of opulence and fulfillment. These are folks who know that they could never enjoy taking orders from someone else. 

They know that there is more to life, and they are going to live life on their terms by any means necessary.  

You’re probably sitting back reading this, and agreeing. You probably see yourself as someone who wants more out of life. To succeed or not to succeed, and you know you’ll do whatever it takes to earn what you see as success. 

The way that you view yourself will be how you will perceive the world around you. Don’t let small minded folks get in your way as you go out to master
the world that you live in. 

So many people choose to sit on the sidelines of life, and let someone else call the game for them. You are a person that want to participate in the game, and draft your own plays, and set yourself up to always win in the game of life. 

Giving up is nothing more than submitting your life to an existence of servitude for another person’s establishment only working to earn another paycheck that is safe, but never getting you pass paying bills, in other words you’re just barely getting by. 

This is why I condemn giving up, and proudly affirm that you must stay on course even if it feels like it’s time to throw in the towel. 

You’re always closer than someone who isn’t even trying, and most of society now is only holding on to a secure job, so by you doing your own thing; you’re already ahead of the majority. 

Your minority mindset will take you far and beyond, so if you’re able to weather the rough storm that you will go through on your journey, then once you arrive everything that happened will be lessons that taught you about life. 

Stick in there, and your craft will take you to places you never thought you would witness. You are the leader in your life. You are the only person to blame if your life doesn’t go the way it is supposed to. 

So, if you wind-up hating the direction of your life, or if you know or seen someone that hates the direction of their life, it was their fault. 

You can’t blame someone else because you chose to settle. When you settle, all you do is allow your dreams to wither and eventually dissolve. Succeeding has to become a must, to succeed is urgent because the quality of your life depends on it, think about that and let it soak in. 

Remember; you create your life, click here to read the book. 

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