When it comes to life there are certain rules that apply to every human being who walks the earth. These rules apply to all, you must understand this, and when you do, then you will master
your life and gain the power that you want for yourself. 

You are to know that everything you do will have some type of outcome. 

This is very simple when you take a look at the root of it. If everything that you do, will have an outcome, then it is important that you’re conscious of all your actions. 

Doubt yourself, and all you’re doing is holding yourself back from going further.

You can choose to be lazy, and do nothing with your life, and you know what the outcome would be? 

Yeah, it would be an outcome that won’t be conducive to your growth as a human being. I am sure you wouldn’t want to sit back, and watch your life waste away. 

I am sure you wouldn’t want precious years of your life to just waste away, and become nothing but time wasted. 


When you really look at how you’re in charge of all the outcomes to your life, then this will be your “aha” moment as Oprah would say. At this moment, you will be able to recognize why it would be in your best interest to create a life that’s filled with glory. 

You will now realize why your life must be one with accomplishments, and fulfillment. No matter what profession you may be in, or if you have your own business; you must see to it that you’re always fulfilled. 

If you chose to remain in a state of anger, and remain a slave to an alarm clock. A slave to a routine in which has you constantly depressed, then that was the outcome on a choice that you made. 

All the outcomes to your life are a result of your own actions. I know that I will get some people who will email me, and say “Someone else did this to me, or someone else is holding me back.” 

To that I say this. 

If you know that someone else is holding you back, or better yet, if you think that someone else is holding you back, all you’re doing is giving life to the thought that someone else is keeping you from going further in life. 

Once you give this kind of thought any life, then you’re immediately creating a situation where you’re conjuring up a doubtful situation, as a result you will always doubt whether you’re capable of being more than what you already are. 

Doubt yourself, and all you’re doing is holding yourself back from going further. Take yourself serious, and don’t do something that can give you an outcome that wouldn’t leave you happy, and bursting with joy. 

On that note I leave you with this simple thing to remember. 

The month coming will reflect what you did today. Think about that for one minute. 

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