The why that you think has a major impact on who you will become. If you looked at someone who was depressed, deep down they would feel like they’re a loser. 

When the going gets tough, all that means is that; you have to become creative

They would feel like they are facing an existence of peril, and mentally they are so programmed to beat themselves up that they have dug themselves in a hole that they can’t get themselves out of. 

The truth here is that they can rise, and have a breakthrough, but too many people are stuck in their ways, or allowed themselves to accept what life throws at them, and become torn down. 

A harsh reality, and brutal survival in life can make anyone break, but a person with a strong will to create change can never be broken, no matter how rough it may seem. 

If you allow the pain to last, you will become the cause of your own discomfort. The reason why, is because your thoughts are what will essentially shape you into the undeniable reality of what you choose.  

You can choose to be happy, or choose to allow life to grab you by a headlock, and severely take you for a beating. When the going gets tough, all that means is that; you have to become creative, and transform gradually into the person who you really want to be. 

Many might say it sounds easy, but it’s hard. The reality is that time will also be the deciding factor of what you become. So, if you allow yourself to be miserable, as time goes by then that’s what you will become. 

If you just piece by piece mold yourself, then as time goes you will shape your existence in your mold, and make your life a work of art. 

As time decides everything within our earthly world, we must understand the value of time, and how to plan well because “this too shall pass.” 

The time it took you to read this from the start to this point now, is time that passed, and went by.  

You see time is always changing, and always moving so I recommend that you spend every minute, learning to improve, and even if things aren’t right in your life, if in your mind you see the end and exactly how you want things to be; you will be it. 

Once you’re able to think about the end, and mentally create the picture, then you will bring about a sequence of events in your physical world that creates that picture, and make it a reality. 

Your thoughts are everything, so you must have the thoughts of a winner, and see yourself in the light of how you want to be, and not how you are now. 

Your thoughts are your rod and your staff, your thoughts hold the power to bring you happiness, or misery. Hold on to this, and think on your thoughts 


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