A hungry heart is one that is consumed with confusion and strife. Taken back by tough times, and hard situations, your meal is your food for thought. The meal that will feed you the best, so that your life reaches a height of absolute happiness.

Every act that you do forms some type of vibrational flow in the universe, and it will surely cause an effect. It can influence the outcome of your life, and the life of those who are around you.

If you were to go to school today to become a doctor, then you would know that by going to school today you are planting the seeds to grow a bountiful future.

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Your meals were the lectures, lessons, the books, and countless hours of studying so that you can eat, and reach your goal in life.

You saw the end goal, and so you started taking the steps that were needed, so that your passion can be the vehicle that drives you to your end goal. 

Every action has a reaction, and people who choose to take no action, then the reaction that comes from that is a result of their inability to take real action. You are here to eat of the wonderful meals that life has to offer. Those who enjoy life, and are always in the bosom of joy are the ones who understand these principles. 

You are supposed to want to eat up the joys of life, and leave any form of misery behind you. Take your life to a level where you are the architect of what you gain, and once you attain your desire, then everything will be as if you are in the light.

Being “in the light” means you’re illuminated, and able to see what the majority don’t see. Others might look at a building that is decayed, abandoned and see something that is a lost cause, while you look at it, and see opportunity. 

You see opportunity in everything, and don’t resort to a complainer’s mindset. A person in the light is one who can, and will make a way for themselves. There is nothing that seems hard because a challenge is what they are built for. 

You can take this lightly, or soak it up and take it as truth, but no matter how you take it, everything that happens to you in life is either based on something you previously done, or a thought that you had in your conscious, or subconscious mind.

Think on this, and then go for your meal. 



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