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The person who comes up with the thought to change, and the plan to execute the thought of change is a really deadly individual. This person is an individual who can see themselves overcome any obstacle.

In today’s society the majority of people are defeated. People are all sad, and have fallen victim to the ills of life, and are all speaking the same language. They speak with a tongue filled with complaints, and blame.

They will blame everyone for their life, and never take charge, and become the person who they are supposed to be. Instead, the person who they become is a person who will hate their life, and fold when the pressure comes. 

While the individual with a thought, and a plan will deal with everything, and prevail because they already created the outcome in their mind.


Once the outcome is created in the mind, and then sealed with faith, and no doubt is formed, then all what you thought of will be brought to life, and you’ll see yourself shine. 

The individual filled with doubt will only go through life “wishing,” and “hoping” to one day make it. They will wish they can win the lottery to escape a life they created. Let’s be real here, we orchestrate our life. 

If you may find yourself in a place that you hate, and want to shift your position in life, then that means you must do something drastic, but first you need to change the story that you’re telling yourself in your mind.

Change it first because no matter how much you try to change on the outside, if your inner voice is one of lack and poverty, then you will always be a person who is lacking. 

Within your mind is where everything starts, the mind of the illumined individual is what changes the world, and this illumination is your connection to God. 

God is awakened within you when you master your mind, and see the world from within, and not allow whatever is going on in the outside world defeat you.

From within is where all battles are won, and once you master this, then you will persevere, and break through when life gives you a fight.

The reason so many remain average is because when life gives them hell, they allow it to get the best of them. They just point the blame at everything, and everyone but the only person that should get the blame is the one who they aren’t looking at. 

The one who they should look at is the one who they see when they look at the mirror in the morning. The reflection of the image that you see is the one to blame because you allowed this to happen. 

People with a great thought and plan will make their life become exactly what they thought of. 

They will execute and stick with their plan even at times when their funds are low, and it might seem hopeless. 

Perseverance, and the heart to create with your mind will create a reality that you will enjoy. Everyone creates their own life, whether they are aware of it or not. If you are conscious of this concept then you will know that you can’t make life “just happen,” because your life should be one based on a purpose. 

As stated in Romans 8:28 in the bible because when it comes to God, you are the God that the bible speaks of.

Everyone is a God, and many go through the conscious state that the bible calls the book of Job, and they allow the hell life throws at them to make them fold. 

They fold, and fade because they haven’t created the thought that would connect them with this high consciousness which allows them to meet their inner God and live with a true purpose. 

Examine your life and see if it aligns with your purpose.

Do you know your purpose?

If so, then what is it?

These are questions for you to answer to yourself. You have the power to do extraordinary things, so don’t fall victim to mediocrity like the majority. 

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