This is a little story something that you must think about because the “I” here is YOU, but not the YOU who “I Am.” The one who you are here is the character who came in a world filled with the average. 

You have seen life from a perspective that have now open your eyes, and no longer shall you sleep, and be as everyone who choose to be average. Many have dreams, but lack the courage to go after them, and remain in the garments of shame.

They lay in waste and wonder why they are drowning in complaints. Their life isn’t the ideal one, and now they are just surviving, and in a bucket that’s overflowing with crabs.

Oh, how many settle to be in the midst of mediocrity, and wind-up stuck in a ditch of empty promises, dreams that have never been fulfilled because their heart didn’t contain the recommended dose and well aligned goal in order to create their dreams. 

The world is stuck in a hopeless fantasy, but when you allow that old you to die, and then become born again, you’ll see that this is the true Jesus Christ of the Bible, and when you are born again you live.

You are now awoken to a world that is overcrowded with sin, but not like how Christians see it, but like how sin really means in its original form. A world filled with people who missed the mark, and never became nothing more than average. 

Those who make the conscious decision to rise are always looked at with a doubtful eye, but the minute they turn water to wine that is when everyone marvels at their accomplishments. You can look at them, but know it wasn’t an easy road. 

It wasn’t a path that was always fun. Some days you want to quit but looking at the image you’re painting in your mind; you know that you have to make this image come to life.

Your mind is your Garden of Eden, and there you can eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

In your mind you can choose to be progressive, or you can choose to make your life slowdown and come to a halt.

You fight all your battles within yourself, and the world or life you’re living is just the inner you being projected into the outside world to shape a piece of your existence that help makes up the body of humanity which is the father the one God, and through Jesus the infinite intelligence is how we get to gain that high level of understanding.

You can live today, or die and let your old way of thinking cease to exist, and be born of a virgin which is the pure thought that will shape your existence.

Think on this for a minute..

Now let us go into the silence. 



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