In today’s world it seems it has become a social no, no… to admit your greatness. People will look at you with a high dosage of disdain, if you were to proclaim a deep amount of self-love openly.

The reason for this is because in their mind they don’t think highly of themselves, and would also want you to shrink down to their level. Their world is reflected based on their low-level thinking. 

Your world should be one based on a high-level of thinking. If you mentally, see yourself always sitting on a high horse then you will be able to make a difference to the world around you. 

“Wisdom restesth in the heart of him that hath understanding: but that which is in the midst of fools is made known.” Proverbs 14:33 

Your wisdom comes from a source that we are all plugged into. In fact, this source can be reached through deep thought, and this is why no idea is really original. 

Have you ever thought of something, and then seen someone else come out with it, and said to yourself?  

“I had that idea.” 

This is because ideas are always floating around, and in order to truly grab them one must get in the thought process of a great thinker. Hence, why the saying says “great minds think alike.” 

Understanding is everything, so to utilize the wisdom you seek; you must understand it. 

You must not get corrupted by hanging with fools. These fools are people who are foolish to the power of the mind and allow life to “just happen.”

Stand as sharp as possible, and know in order to be the best you, and not some average you, then you must see yourself as a modern-day conqueror.


The message you carry once you step in a room, should speak long after you leave the room. People should see you as royalty, and treat you as such. This can be done, but you must unlearn any previous ways of thinking that wasn’t conducive to your growth as a person. 

Anything that caused you harm, or great setbacks is time to put in the trash and dispose of it immediately. 

Holding on to any thoughts that aren’t shaping a greater you, is useless to bring with you, and they will never bring you a good return on your mental investment so you should get rid of those thieves before they steal all your happiness. 

If you believe, that you are meant to struggle, and then die then you are already dead and must resurrect your mind at Calvary, and become born again. 

This is the true meaning of the Jesus story, it’s just most people get it confused and lose the mystical value.
They think a real physical man is coming back, when really it is a drastic mental shift that is personified as a man who is the savior of the world. The story is true, but not the way most have been programmed to think. 

Now, think about that for a second…  

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