The breeze that we all find ourselves in can be a cool one that is calm, or a rough breeze that in its wake brings nothing but destruction. This breeze is in our hearts and minds, and it is expressed though our breath, and you can hear it in someone’s voice.

It’s a wind that flows within them, and when one is quite scared the breeze will resemble that. This breeze will recognize the person it engulfs, and the individuals whom get a hold of this breeze will become the gem in their own kingdom.

You might see it clear, or you’re probably unable to see what I am talking about here,  let me tell you this. The breeze that I speak of is the meaning of life itself, and if you get a cool wind then you have grasped the many aspects that make life what it is, and this means you have become a great contributor to your own happiness. 

The individual who captures the cool breeze is the one who have adopted it as a part of their ideals to make life a glamorous one. They have made it a part of who they are to create a life of joy, and one that isn’t easily shaken by a sudden gust of wind. 


Remember the same wind that causes a shipwreck can also be the same wind that carries the ship to safety.  

You can choose the route that you want to go, and it’s up to you to identify this route, and allow yourself to follow this breeze. Follow it, and keep a clean eye for when you might encounter broken paths that might need some fixing, everything will be fine if you follow this breeze like you were in the C.I.A and you were on a top-secret mission.

The glory of your life should mean everything because this breeze can possibly bring you into a world that is everything that you ever wanted. Remember that everything you ever wanted is more than possible to obtain.

All you have to do is make sure inside you; you are holding on to the belief that you know everything is possible to obtain. 

If you don’t convince yourself to know, what you know you can obtain, then you’ll only allow yourself to wind-up taken by a breeze that you didn’t want to pass by. A breeze that won’t let you easily get by in life, but it will be a breeze that permanently turns you into a grouch. 

Think about this..

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