Hello family, I am please to notify you that we have just released a course geared towards metaphysics and improving your life, and raising your awareness.

We been away for a while putting together this phenomenal course, and we are pleased to say it’s HERE!!!

As you may know, MindWorthyInfo is all about making sure you get the best out of life, and improve your life every step of the way.

The course is an 11 week course, and it is intense with info, exercises and techniques geared towards enhancing your mind, and elevating your thinking, while developing your awareness at the same time raising your vibration, and making you step into a new level of consciousness.

This course will teach you the following, plus more.

  • Metaphysics.
  • The Laws of Mind.
  • Thoughts create reality.
  • Sex Magic.
  • Contacting your higher-self
  • I AM the concept of yourself.
  • Practical solutions.
  • Meditation and affirmations.
  • Biblical states of consciousness.
  • How to properly pray.
  • Feelings and emotion.

This course is exactly what you’ll need to bring your new self to the forefront. It will help shape you into the being that you know you’re supposed to be, and the good thing is that throughout the whole process we will guide you, and hold your hand.

So, nowhere on this journey will you be left alone.


Click here to enroll in the course.


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