Sometimes, well let me rephrase that and say All THE TIME, we are caught in a cocoon of feelings.

Some of these feelings are good, and quite often people will get overrun by negative feelings. The powerful feelings that can become a prison that we build on our own, quite often many will decree to hate their life or life itself, but still find themselves stuck in this hopeless existence.

Better yet, it is only hopeless because they have created this scene for themselves, and every single day they’re playing the role.

They’re playing a role in a movie that they’re executive producing, directing and playing all the roles, occasionally bringing other “folks” in to play supporting roles like for example your friends and family.

A feeling that can dominate you and rule supreme over your life no matter what it may be becomes the thief that will rob you of your identity.

Like let’s look at heartbreak and how it can consume you.

The feeling of heartbreak is within the realm of negative emotions because although you can’t physically touch it, or grab it; you certainly can “FEEL” it.

It can even become so debilitating that you can’t eat, sleep or even go about your day in a normal way.

This is because the feeling consumed your mind, and you’re now manifesting it on your outside world and everything feels “gloomy.”

The feeling can get a real grip on you, or better yet a very strong hold of you.

1 John 3:20 – “For if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart, and knoweth all things.”

The heart in the Bible is a Chaldean word for subconscious mind, and the subconscious is what creates our outer-world conditions and feelings.

God is greater than our heart,  meaning if you switched your awareness to the “Feeling” that would bring you the mood and outcomes that you desire that this “great” force will take you out of any situation.

As, this force is a greater level of consciousness that would make you leave the undesirable feeling of whatever ill-feeling you may have.

God is in us as we are that which ‘I AM” and that is the name of GOD.

So to say “I AM hurt, or I AM sad, I AM poor, I AM rich,” are all what you claim to be because whatever comes after that ‘I AM’ will cause you to invoke that feeling or emotion that creates your outer-world experiences.

Being unable to feel a feeling of joy and constantly being down and out, filled with negativity and all the ills that comes with being negative has been proven to lead to various health issues.

Remember your words create your fortune,  so the reality you are now living has been shaped and fashioned by your inner conversation, which then creates the feelings that brings your outer-world into existence.

This existence has been created by you at some point in the past and now it has come to “harvest.”

All seeds when planted will ripen and bloom in their due time.

Your words create, so if you find yourself in an undesirable situation, it is a result of some past thinking or some imaginal act that is now harvesting what you planted in a previous time..

Think about it..




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