good fight is one where an individual believes that the battle they’re facing is for a noble cause, and so they will stick it out and won’t accept anything short of victory.

This can be said for all the great fights that was for a higher cause or for a greater good.

During world war 2 the landing on Normandy, France was a dangerous and bloody landing, but the ones who orchestrated the battle knew there would be an heavy amount of casualties.

y also knew that the fight they were undertaking was a good fight to oust a hate filled regime with an ideology that was detrimental to the will of people who wanted to enjoy liberty and happiness.

A person can find themselves going to a college or a university, while working two jobs to keep a roof over their head.

Although at times it might feel overwhelming, they know within them that they are fighting the good fight, so that their future will be filled with value and non-stop opportunity.


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