family, feels good to know that we are helping folks understand the power of their imagination, and the full potential that lives within them, and what’s even better is they’re getting closer to GOD.

How are they getting closer to GOD?

Well, that’s an easy answer and they’re getting closer to GOD by being familiar with their “I AM.”

So when we talk about GOD, we must talk about how GOD can work for you?

GOD is a force that lives in every living thing.

Even a fly on wall is a piece of GOD, a fly plays its purpose the same way that a hawk does.

We are all students and pieces of the universe.

Infinite intelligence is always working and at no time does it cease.

The trick is to learn how to make this force work for you, so you won’t work for it.

Check out the latest episode of “YOU ARE GOD” that speaks about “Making GOD work for you.”

Check it out here.

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