every human being there is a force that can give them happiness, or can give them hell.

Most folks use the negative force, and unaware to themselves they are defeating themselves.

Here is a quick example of exactly what I mean.

Most will think of the worst, and so the worst happens.

If you tell someone good news, or of a good deal, or anything good.

Most are so programmed to go to a negative end that they might turn to you and say “It sounds like its too good to be true.”

It’s almost like they don’t believe in good news or a good outcome like how they believe in everything bad or negative.

This is the negative aspect that man goes to or tends to lean to.

When you awaken the GOD in you then you will wake up the sleeping giant that will be able to give you all that you seek.

Folks will seek a negative end, and get negative results.

Let’s awaken the GOD in you, listen to this simple formula from the latest PODCAST click here to listen.

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