I have been getting nonstop messages from folks who find these teachings quite fascinating.

I even get the messages where folks say “I never heard the Bible told that way, and it just blew me away.”

Everything from the Podcast “YOU ARE GOD”  have helped them which  you can listen to here

To the great teachings that are always being taught here, the main goal of this website, and these teachings are to wake people up to their true divinity.

To make people see the GOD factor that lives within them.

Now, with that being said to those who aren’t familiar with Biblical Metaphysics they may think that what we teach is Christianity because of the heavy use of the Bible.

Unaware that the Bible is used as a tool to show that every psychological problem that man faces the Bible holds the psychological solution.

The literal interpretation has became the popular take on it, and I am sure many believe Jesus lived and he was an actual man, and one day he is bound to return.

Well, that is the exoteric approach to the Bible, and if you want to know the difference between the esoteric and the exoteric then click here to learn more.

The origins of Biblical Metaphysics come out of Eastern Ethiopian spiritual mystical interpretation on the Bible.

Where the Mystics were Jews.

The Jewish community that we know today although a religion it is also a culture and a tradition practiced in one.

A great culture nonetheless that also adds greatness to the human race, as every culture on this earth does.

They weren’t like the Jews that we know today, but they considered themselves as Hebrew Jews meaning they were illumined.

They knew that the thoughts of today shaped the world of tomorrow.

These individuals were able to decipher the Bible and show that all the characters, places and events were different eternal states within the consciousness of man.

These men were able to see the connection between manifesting, man’s words, thoughts and emotion.

So these stories are all in the Bible, but the majority take it as stories that represent events that took place many years ago, although there is no solid proof.

The mystics of the Bible wrote a mystical tale that if utilized completely in the original way that it was intended to can free you.

This same book can free you, or enslave you. It’s all based on the application of the text.

This is why Biblical Metaphysics is such a deep science because it teaches the Bible in the sense that you must use it to get understanding of the laws of mind.

The laws of mind are the laws that the Bible speak of,  Here is a quick example.

Jacob in the Bible was a character in the Bible whose name later became Israel.

Jacob means “Supplanter.”

A supplanter usually takes the place of one thing and then becomes another or adds something else.

This would be known as the “Laws of substitution.”

Within this law you substitute one situation, person or some condition for another.

The person who has a great grip of this law will always choose to substitute one undesirable situation for one that is desirable and within the scope of what they know will bring them joy and total bliss.

Biblical Metaphysics is life changing because it makes you see the world from a different angle.

I AM sure that you heard of “The Laws of Attraction.”

It has become widely popular in the last couple of years, well Biblical Metaphysics has the Laws of Attraction within it plus more.

In fact, it strips the Laws of Attraction down, and shows that you control all and displays the systematic science behind it, so that you can see the reason and purpose of why things happen or the cause of every phenomena in you life.

This website is all about Biblical Metaphysics and it’s all about making you see that your mind is a powerhouse.

To be honest if you haven’t been aware of the impact that your mind and your feelings have upon your life then the study of Biblical Metaphysics will open you up, and make you see the connection between the two.

It can show you how thought, plus feeling is what creates the manifestation or it is what creates all the conditions and situations within our lives.

This is why this study is very potent, and quite frankly I regard it as the most powerful form of spirituality in the world.

It outlines the connection between thought, feeling and the inner conversation that we all have with ourselves daily.

You can’t run away from your inner conversation like how you can’t prevent your shadow from following you.

You are the power and you create everything, so if you have something going on in your life that you aren’t too happy about, or if you want to attract something in your life, and you want to know the science of doing it then you have come to the right place.

I teach Biblical Metaphysics and it is life changing.

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