To love is to be in an emotional state directly the opposite of hate.

To love, and the feeling of being loved are one in the same although they reside on two different sides of the spectrum.

One is a feeling that you receive from others or something, this is the feeling of being loved, and the other is the feeling that you give to another or to something.

Both are verbs as they are an action taken, but the feeling is still the same because love is classified as an undying, relentless passion for another or for something.

So now this takes us to the act of you dwelling on what you love, and in return you’re feeling the same feeling of being loved by that very thing that you dwell on.

Take the idea that you possess of yourself or of something, add a dose of love on it, and see yourself wrapped in its arms and see it giving you tons of love.

Let the emotion pour into your soul until it look like water in a cup and so your cup runneth over.

Let the abundance of love be as water in the ocean, as the end doesn’t start with the shores but there is no end.

You have streams flowing through you as rivers that illuminates your consciousness to this love that you are picturing, and for this love that you are receiving.

It is like the tide as it rolls out, it comes back in.

The object of your desire is also desiring you, and when you two meet it is like a match made in heaven.

An heaven that only you know because it is a feeling expressed, and giving birth through your mental that allows you to live it in the flesh.

Take yourself into a world where this love is your wife, it is your husband, and with it you can do wonders.

You can shape your reality based on this because you have now turned this love into a physical entity and in your mind it does your bidding.

It plays by the rules that you made, and what you set to be true so it makes it true.

This love is endless, and wherever you go it goes.

It can’t leave you because it was birthed from your heart, and what your heart enforces on it must be done.

The will that you have resides with GOD, and you know who GOD is, and if you don’t just read this here.

At no moment are you to lose sight of what matters the most, and what matters the most is seeing the love you are giving out come back to you in ways that you wouldn’t expect, but invoke the law of expectation and only expect the best.

“For surely there is an end; and thine expectation shall not be cut off.” Proverbs 23:18

An end exist in everything, so focus on the end that is in your favor and see how things will work out..

What you expect become fact, so never expect an outcome that doesn’t go with what you love..

Now, if you need to Reframe your world and learn the simple technique to conjure up this love to be something that you favor then listen to the audio presentation of this teaching here called “Reframe your World (Metaphysics Technique).

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Until next time, let us now go into the silence.



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