When it comes to the faculty of imitation this is a mental principle that can work wonders.

It can perform what some might deem as a “miracle.”

Miracles occur or what perceives to be one is the result of a divine intervention to some, while to others it’s a mere coincidence.

While to the illumined individual they’re aware of the fact that by use of the faculty of imitation it gives birth to the law of identical harvest which allows what you imitated in thought to harvest in its identical form in your outside world.

The faculty of imitation is a mental principle where in your mind you imitate or simulate what it is that you want in the outer world.

Here is a quick example.

If you wanted to live in peace and have a world of peaceful encounters with others then in your mind you would have to imitate or live in a world of peace.


This means you can’t curse, slander or even hold any grudges towards another in your mind.

Every thought or feeling towards another would have to be one of peace, and the more you imitate this and plant this seed it will then come to harvest in your outside world.

When a person only witnesses a world of decay, trials and tribulations it is more than likely a result of what they are saying to themselves inside and how they’re feeling.

This is a bad mix and what it creates is a world of disaster and one where you encounter nothing, but the thorns from the rose of life.


You’ll find yourself struggling to make your way because inside you’ll hold onto some aspect of struggle, and you’ll find yourself in a state of struggle and so your experiences will bring forth that which you imitate and the seeds you plant will always harvest.

Your harvest can come in many ways, so this is why when you study this principle you must study it with a clear eye.


Think on Philippians 4:8

“Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”


What has virtue is what will give you the ability to obtain mastery over any situation and allow you to prosper.

So mentally imitate and think on the things that will only give you an end result that you’re totally satisfied with.

An end that would make you feel accomplished rather than one that would leave you with the feeling of defeat.

The faculty of imitation is a great tool that you can induce during meditation as many mystics in the ancient times would use this to regulate their body temperatures to help strengthen their imaginal faculty.

They would close their eyes, and sit for a few minutes. Usually a total of five minutes in sets of five.

The first five minutes they would imitate the feeling of cold and do it so well in meditation that upon their skin they would feel chills.

This is done by closing your eyes and laying all attention on arctic weather, and feel as if you’re in the cold.

You can imagine that you’re naked and freezing, and if you brought on the feeling deep enough, chills would begin to run down your spine.

While doing this the mystic keeps a calm breathing pattern, and makes sure it doesn’t break its regulated rhythmic pace.

Next the mystic would induce a feeling of wind and feel the breeze on their face, you would gradually shift from cold to breezy and windy.

Nothing else must live in the mind, but a thought of wind, and the breezy cool air that’s touching your body.

Remember this is also done while maintaining a rhythmic breathing pattern.


As the breeze touches your skin, gradually the mystic now feels the sun rising, and beaming through.

The cold breeze now turns into a cool summer breeze, and as the breeze continues you feel the sun rise, and it now gets to a warm dry temperature where there is no breeze.



At this point the mystic is now using their faculty of imitation to bring upon changes that from their imagination becomes real that you can feel on your body.

It should start to get so hot that you might even break a sweat or feel like you’re going to break one, and always remember that this is all done while keeping a rhythmic breathing pattern.

Make yourself taste some ice cream on a hot day to cool you down, and then touch the water at a fountain to cool your face off.

Smell the day as the green foliage and feel the breeze of a hot day mixed with the water on your face as it cools you down.


Relax and come out of the meditation and let your mind take you to a world of bliss, tell yourself “I AM.”

What is done in this exercise is you’re making use of your imaginative powers with your five senses to strengthen your imaginal faculty with inducing the feeling of the climates and touch, taste, and smell while you’re adding the emotion and focus.

When this is built in total confidence then you’ll undoubtedly be able to apply this skill in other areas of your life where you can build focus and belief in your imagination as the total power.

As that is the seed of your consciousness, and wherever you find the awareness to your consciousness that is where you’ll find GOD.

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Until next time stay blessed, and always remember who you are!




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