Speech and speaking is a very vital and important part to the existence of humans, we communicate verbally to get our points across in order to get things done.

The words we say are always being expressed, especially when talking to others, which allows what we say to be expressed.

Isn’t it ironic how you can speak to yourself without moving your lips, without actually having physical words come out, but the minute you speak to yourself and utter some words; to some if they see you doing this; there is a possibility they will look at you as if you’re insane?

Now let’s look at this from another perspective, if you were in a church on your knees with your hands in prayer form speaking and having no one else to converse with that would be fine.


The reason why that would be fine is because it’s socially acceptable to do this form of speaking out loudly to yourself because it is disguised as speaking to “GOD,” or to some deity.

This isn’t looked at with the same eye of insanity as being in a setting that isn’t religious and you’re speaking to yourself.

Funny how natural thought expressed will create and form a sequence of events that will bring about the original thought.


You speak to yourself with this type of thought, and that is perfectly fine as long as you aren’t speaking out loudly.

To be scrutinized for such a basic human action can crush one’s spirit.

It can leave you with a sense of lost, especially when you feel like you are different and can’t “blend” in.

When we speak to ourselves no matter the setting, we must always realize that we are creating.

When you’re by yourself while being on your knees and your hands are in the prayer form you are speaking to yourself.


The GOD that is listening is the same GOD of your own consciousness that is the creative force that creates.

What ruins most people with their prayers is the fact that they don’t genuinely believe in them; you’ll find some people who will pray in a way that they will want to get what they desire, but in another breath they will say things like “If it doesn’t happen GOD I know that it is your will.”

This form of talk only undo what they are trying to get done.

The confusion that occurs can derail your train and only push the desire you have to the left because you made a greater desire come, and it has taken you over.

The potency of such a conversation is never given the true light that it should receive, and by the individual not playing close attention to this principle they will cause issues within their lives that  will make it seem like no solution can be found.

Words are a gift to mankind, and by they way we place them or format them with our speech will be what they produce.


 “Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.”

Psalms 19:14

The words of your mouth and the meditation of your heart has a serious meaning.

What is spoken is what is created and when you mediate on a concept, idea or belief it comes from your heart. So how you feel is what becomes acceptable in the sight of your reality.

If you feel hopeless or feel things can’t get better that is what is seen in every area, and turn of your journey.

Onward and upward mobility through different stages of life should be the main thing that you believe in because that will give you strength and redeem you from their adverse conditions.

Being open with yourself and taking yourself on a mental journey of “I Will because I AM,” will place the will of GOD in your presence because “I AM he.”

You are the force that goes forward or the roadblock that places a stop to any motion that you were intending to have.

One bad thought can neutralize all great ideas, and if you allow this to happen you will use your mouth or your own words to curse yourself.

This is seen time after time when people constantly say “I AM cursed,” or “There is a jinx following me.”

Their constant claim of such ideas become dominant and their own words bring forth the conditions from the claim that is being said.

The power of the word is always walking with us on this earthly journey that we take in the physical form as human beings.

Our very being is shaped by how we feel and what we say daily on the inside, so this is why I couldn’t stress the importance of the conversations that we hold with ourselves and how you must create one that isn’t self defeating, but one that is always self improving.

Check out this affirmation that if spoken silently within your mind every morning can switch your days.

“This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” From Psalm 118:24

When you wake and rejoice in the day, instead of cursing it as if you knew it was going to be a bad day, or not your day then you’re giving permission to the day being one that you will dislike.

Think about the good, and rejoice in the fact that you are the metaphysician that can call upon everything that you speak, it’s because the meditations of your heart can save you, and they can also destroy you.

In the book of your life the things that are written are what you give the most life to, as life is given meaningful light, and whatever it is that you may consider meaningful are exactly the things that will shine in your life.

Everything always has some meaning, so if you see the meaning in your words, and in the internal conversations that you hold then you will see the power in everything that you say..


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